Teaching about migration



“Migration (n.):  The movement of a person or people from one country, locality or place of residence to settle in another."

Migration is a key issue in our 21st century geography curriculum. As a topic it has an obvious, and growing, relevance to all our lives but remains a ‘challenging’ topic to teach as students may come to the lesson with a range of conflicting views. As a global issue, migration links with other issues such as 'diversity' and 'global citizenship', which are both a focus of the broader school curriculum.

In this unit, there are four updated exemplar teaching and learning activities on immigration that can be adopted and/or adapted for use in your classroom. This is followed by a guided opportunity for teachers to develop their own teaching and learning activity based on the question 'what would happen if all immigration to the UK suddenly stopped?'. You can work through the unit in a linear fashion or just choose the bits which are of most relevant to your curriculum needs.

It is recommended that you begin with Getting started as this puts the unit in context.

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