Support for ITE trainers

2 School based strrategies

These pages address different aspects of geography ITE and have been designed to provide specialist support all ITE geography trainers, including geography university tutors and school-based trainers and mentors. The GA is committed to ensuring that high quality Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in geography is available through all the routes into teaching.


Geography mentoring

Guidance specifically for geography mentors.

Planning geography ITE training

Support for school-based geography training and university geography ITE courses.

ITE geography content

Guidance for specialist secondary geography ITE training. This supports the geography training materials provided for secondary trainee teachers in Learning to teach geography.

Assessment of geography trainee teachers

Guidance for those who have responsibilities for assessing geography trainees.

Providing high quality geography ITE

Materials to support the definition and provision of both primary and secondary high quality geography ITE.

Geography Teacher Educators' (GTE) Conference

Conference bookings and materials from previous conferences.

Geography education research

Research about geography education, research for geography education and research into the geography of education.

Teacher training and supply policy debate

GA policy documents relating to Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and teacher supply.