Secondary Phase Committee


Co-chair: Paul Hunt
Co-chair: Stephen Schwab

Twitter: @ga_spc

Our aims

The purpose of the Secondary Phase Committee is to support GA members concerned with geography at key stages 3 and 4 and to represent their views and interests.

What we do

  • Monitor the views, interests, concerns and issues facing secondary geography members of the GA. In addition, monitor the state of health of secondary geography as indicated by data on numbers and assessment evidence.
  • Initiate ideas for engaging and challenging teaching and learning ideas in the secondary geography classroom.
  • Disseminate these ideas through workshops at the annual GA Conference, the GA website and occasional articles and contributions to GA publications such as Teaching Geography.
  • Represent the views, interests, concerns and issues facing secondary geography members of the GA at the GA Education Committee and to external bodies.
  • Promote geography to teachers, pupils, schools and the wider community as a relevant and exciting subject.

We have led numerous sessions on a variety of themes at the GA Annual Conference and published articles in Teaching Geography on topics such as team teaching, Valuing Places, the geography of crime, using ICT to enrich geography, leading the geography department/self assessment and fieldwork. We have also represented the GA in the QCDA review of the key stage 3 curriculum and published several resources on the GA website.

Top ideas

Every half term the GA's secondary phase committee produces a Top Ideas publication to help you teach the secondary curriculum. You can view them on the Top tips page.


Past meeting reports

Download: October 2016
Download: October 2013
Download: June 2013
Download: February 2013
Download: October 2011
Download: June 2011
Download: June 2010
Download: February 2010

Secondary Phase Committee members

  • Tanith Ludlam
  • Emma Johns
  • Alan Parkinson (secretary)
  • Judy Gleen
  • Gary Dawson
  • Becky Kitchen
  • Stephen Schwab (co-chair)
  • Paul Hunt (co-chair)
  • Kathryn Stephenson
  • Rachel Kay
  • Bethan Laing
  • Ryan Bate

Get involved

The Secondary Phase Committee would like to hear from GA members who might be interested in joining the committee. Contact Paul Hunt to find out more.