Join the GA offline

Joining the GA by post, email, fax or telephone couldn't be easier

Download and print a membership form to pay by cheque, debit or credit card, Direct Debit, or to request an invoice (Group membership only), then send it back to the address provided.

Send an e-copy of your completed membership form to

Send your completed membership form to 0114 296 7176.

Call Membership Services on 0114 296 0088 to pay by debit or credit card or to request an invoice (Group membership only).

Direct Debit offer

Direct Debit (DD) is the simplest and most convenient way to pay your annual GA membership subscription. This payment method allows your membership to be renewed automatically every year. We will provide you with plenty of notice before we take money from your account and you can cancel the DD instruction for your next subscription renewal at any time. You can choose to pay your subscription by monthly or annual DD.

  • Monthly will spread the cost of your annual subscription over 12 equal monthly instalments (excludes entry level membership).
  • A single annual DD payment will save money as a discount of approximately 3% is applied to our current rates (excludes entry level membership).

Simply tick the DD payment option on the second page of the downloadable membership form indicating your preferred payment frequency, complete the accompanying DD instruction and return it to the GA along with rest of your membership application form to the GA by post or email (we require a hard copy of your signed DD instruction form, or an e-copy if it includes an original scanned signiture).

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Download a copy of our welcome booklet to find out more about the Geographical Association and all the benefits of membership.


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