ICT Special Interest Group

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Chair: Peter Fox

Secretary: Kate Russell

Twitter: @GASIGICT


About us

The ICT Special Interest Group has been operating since the 1970s. It is made up of around twelve members of the Geographical Association reflecting a broad range of professional interests. The group strives for a balance of primary teachers, secondary teachers, lecturers in ITE, LA advisers or consultants and those working for organisations related to geographical education. Members can be co-opted.

The role of the Working Group is to help geography teachers to make effective use of ICT resources, by knowing what is being done and disseminating it to a wider audience, through articles, conferences, CPD, advice panels and larger publications. 

The work we do is varied, but involves supporting GA members about good practice in using ICT for teaching and learning geography - through adding materials and online resources to the GA website, writing articles for journals, contributing to the Annual Conference and being open to new technologies. It is also a good way of keeping in touch with wider issues in geographical education.

The group meets face to face three times a year (usually in London) and correspond via email. We are also beginning to share ideas through our group page on the GA Ning.

Our aims

  • To investigate new technologies and resources and their potential for teaching and learning geography on behalf of the GA.
  • To provide information and advice about teaching and learning with ICT to members of the GA in journals, booklets, the GA website, through presentations, conferences, workshops and correspondence.
  • To encourage the effective use of ICT, disseminate good practice and encourage the development of improved approaches to the use of ICT in geography classrooms.
  • To promote and initiate projects which involve the effective use of ICT to enhance the learning of geography.
  • To contribute to the realisation of the GA strategic plan.

What we do

The ICTSIG contributes to a range of regular events and activities. This includes the GA Annual Conference, articles and software reviews for GA publications (such as Primary Geography and Teaching Geography journals) and the GA website. We also contribute to one-off events and activities such as CPD courses or larger publications.

The group is called upon as the GA spokesperson on ICT issues, such as responding to official consultations.



The ICT Special Interest Group has a breadth of experience and expertise, covering many aspects and facets of geographical education.

Current members:
Peter Fox (Chair)

Kate Russell (Secretary)

Sophie Wilson

David Morgan

Joanne Meredith

Leah Sharp

Heidi Quenby

Thierry Torres

Corresponding members:

Bob Lang

Anthony Barlow

Rachel Bowles

Peter O'Connor

Adrian Manning

Gemma Kent

Jo Debens

Get involved

Are you interested in the use of ICT to further your geography teaching and students' learning? The GA's ICT Special Interest Group have vacancies for two new members – we are seeking teachers from any phase, regardless of how long you have been teaching.

If you are interested in joining us, or would like to know more about the group, please contact the Chair Peter Fox or Kate Russell.