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You can pay via debit/credit card. If you are ordering for a school and would prefer to be invoiced, please download an order form (purchase order number required).

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GA Member

I am waiting on a delivery for Failsworth School. Delivery to 28 Der Hill Drive Marsden HD7 6LF. I have no info or update on the order, Thanks.

GA Member

Should the basket maintain the orders after logging out or do you have to start anew with each session?

GA Member

Hi there

Yes that's right, if you log out your selections will be removed from your basket - you need to stay logged in for them to be stored.

Hope this helps!



Guest Guest

I am trying to find out the status of an order, where would I find this information?

GA Member

Hi there

If you contact or call 0114 296 0088 we'll be able to give you an update.

Best wishes,

Emma Falle

Emma Falle GA Member

It would be great to be able to see your own order history.
I didn't realise orders were removed when you logged out. I filled a basket at school but had left my purchase card at home. Logged back in at home to pay and all has been cleared.

GA Member

I am trying to order 11 copies of the A-Z fieldwork book but the GA membership discount is not being applied to my order. My membership number is 104202 and I am logged in. My correct delivery address appears on the page before payment is asked for.
Deborah Carr
The Edinburgh Academy

Milan Recknagel

Milan Recknagel GA Staff

Hi Deborah,

I'm afraid discount on publications and CPD courses do not apply to entry level members (Magazine subscription only). To apply for a discount you must be a subscriber to one or more of our journals. More information is on this page: Alternatively you can phone us on 0114 296 0088

Kind regards,

Chris Trevor

Chris Trevor GA Member

Hi I was trying to find the new book on Fieldwork by Julia Tanner and it was neither in the Fieldwork section of the online shop or in the Primary section!!!! Where can I find this? It is poor marketing not to have new products mentioned in the most obvious two places!

Rosalind Noble

Rosalind Noble GA Member

Is it possible to add an alternative delivery address? The link is not working currently.


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