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The Handbook of Secondary Geography Take a closer look

Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post-16

The Handbook of Secondary Geography

Edited by Mark Jones

  • Pages: 352
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-377-1
  • Published: 2017

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Chapters More
1. What is geography?
2. Thinking geographically
3. What do we mean by curriculum?
4. Progression
5. Planning for enquiry
6. Physical geography
7. Human geography
8. Teaching geography for sustainability
9. Global learning
10. Place and locational knowledge
11. Teaching a good geography lesson
12. Resources
13. Differentiation
14. Assessing geography
15. Literacy
16. Numeracy
17. Fieldwork
18. GIS and other geospatial technologies
19. Post-16 geography
20. Professional development
21. Researching geography education
22. Mentoring
23. Leading the geography department
24. Belonging to a subject community

This handbook provides a rich source of advice and reference on all aspects of geography teaching in secondary schools in the UK. It has been written for Heads of Department leading the subject in their school and for all teachers of geography from those beginning their career to those with more experience. It also speaks to a wider audience, particularly those active and interested in geography education. Whatever your role and reason for reading it, the handbook aims to:

  • offer practical advice and professional development for classroom practitioners
  • encourage scholarly engagement with the nature and purpose of geography
  • signpost the rich legacy of subject-specific literature that geography teachers and the wider geography community can engage with.

Chapters 1-5 are intended as a stimulus for promoting informed discussion about the discipline and its potential, alternative and possible future directions.

Chapters 6-19 ask us to consider how current practice in schools has been arrived at and is being influenced at present, and encourage us to question how practice might change in the future.

Chapters 20-24 provide discussion of the opportunities and challenges that professional development, through being part of a geography department and wider geography community, can present.

The Handbook of Secondary Geography is also available in pdf eBook format with the option to purchase individual PDF chapters (individual chapter prices are £4.50 for GA members and £5.45 for non-members).

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