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Assessing progress in Your Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum (eBook) Take a closer look

Key Stage 3

Assessing progress in Your Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum (eBook)

David Gardner, Paul Weeden and Graham Butt

  • Pages: 42
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-373-3
  • Published: 2015

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This eBook (available to buy online only) is designed to help you to develop rigorous and consistent approaches to assessing your key stage 3 students’ progress in geography lessons, underpinned by an understanding of progression in geography. It provides an understanding of progression in geography, offers advice and guidance on assessing without levels and aims to support you in reviewing your current assessment practice. This title places assessment at the heart of teaching and learning.

It will inform you about

  • planning for assessment over the key stage
  • choosing assessments that are fit for purpose
  • using assessment to promote learning

This revised digital version of the 2007 title has been updated for the 2014 National Curriculum and includes new chapters with advice and guidance on assessing without levels.

This planning grid will be useful for planning a key stage 3 with progression and assessment in mind.

Further advice on assessment and the national curriculum is available from here



Chapter 1: How has assessment and progression in geography changed? 
Chapter 2: How can we plan with assessment in mind?
Chapter 3: How can progression in geography be assessed?
Chapter 4: What helps to improve Assessment for Learning in geography?
Chapter 5: Where next?

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