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Geography Plus: Primary Teachers' Toolkit <br /> Living in the Freezer: Investigating polar environments Take a closer look

Key Stage 2

Geography Plus: Primary Teachers' Toolkit
Living in the Freezer: Investigating polar environments

Paula and Tony Richardson

  • Series Editor: Paula Owens and Paula Richardson
  • Pages: 40
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-272-9
  • Published: Aug 2012

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Living in the Freezer will help lay the groundwork for pupils in years 3-4 and beyond to learn about the health of our planet through investigation of plant, animal and human life in such extreme, remote and awe-inspiring environments. The lessons provide a cohesive approach to holistic learning about the polar regions, creating balance and breadth by looking at the physical and human geographies of the poles and how they influence life in these distant places.

Living in the Freezer is part of Geography Plus: Primary Teachers’ Toolkit, an eight-book series which contains a wide range of geographical themes, knowledge and ideas; from local to global, covering both human and physical geography.

This book contain eight lessons with starter, main and plenary activities, accompanied by supporting resources including activity sheets, PowerPoints and photosets. These resources can be downloaded for free from a password-protected area of the GA website or purchased on an optional resources CD.

Each lesson contains varied main activities, providing the flexibility to match the content to your needs:

• for an eight-week unit of 50-minute lessons you can work through the book sequentially, selecting one main activity for each lesson and following the plans;

• for a longer session, or for carousel learning, groups of pupils can work through the different main activities suggested in each lesson;

• for a themed day or week the lessons and activities can be combined.

This flexible approach gives you support where you need it and the scope to adopt and adapt the ideas and content with confidence.

Paula Richardson is a lecturer, geography advisor, author and Chair of the GA Publications Board.

Tony Richardson is a former primary head teacher, teaching practical supervisor and author.

This table shows how this book and the Geography Plus series meet the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum.


Quick guide to lesson resources
Why teach about the polar regions?
How to teach about the polar regions
The geography of the polar regions
Medium term plan
Lesson plans

  • Lesson 1: From cold to freezing
  • Lesson 2: From pole to pole
  • Lesson 3: Going north
  • Lesson 4: Going south
  • Lesson 5: Arctic wildlife
  • Lesson 6: Antarctic wildlife
  • Lesson 7: Living in the Arctic
  • Lesson 8: People in the Antarctic

Further teaching ideas
Concepts covered
An enquiry framework
Assessment and progression
Your professional development
Subject coverage




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