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Top Spec Geography: Tectonic Hazards Take a closer look


Top Spec Geography: Tectonic Hazards

Cameron Dunn and Martin Degg

  • Series Editor: Bob Digby and Sue Warn
  • Pages: 60
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-257-6
  • Published: June 2012

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Tectonic hazards is as very popular topic at GCSE, post 16 and university level. It enthuses countless numbers of students to study the subject further because of it topicality, relevance and ability to link physical and human geography.

This book explores the key tectonic processes, which are fundamental to our understanding of the geography of tectonic hazards at all scales, as well as the hazards of earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes. A concluding chapter considers recent trends in tectonic hazards and future prospects.

Dr Martin Degg is Head of the Department of Geography and Development at the University of Chester.

Cameron Dunn is a geography teacher, author and Chief Examiner for A-level geography.



Editors’ preface
Chapter 1: Introducing hazard and risk
Chapter 2: Tectonic processes
Chapter 3: Earthquake hazard
Chapter 4: The tsunami hazard
Chapter 5: Volcanic hazards
Chapter 6: Recent trends and future prospects
Key terms

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