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Multimedia Made Easy: Geography lessons using multimedia technology Take a closer look

Key Stage 3

Multimedia Made Easy: Geography lessons using multimedia technology

Paul Cornish

  • Series Editor: Alan Parkinson
  • Pages: 36
  • ISBN: 9781843773276
  • Published: April 2012

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Highly Commended Award Winner 2012 - Scottish Association of Geography Teachers

The aim of this book is to develop teachers’ knowledge and confidence in using multimedia technology in key stage 3 geography lessons.

The seven exciting lessons show how five different multimedia technologies can be used in the classroom, including using mini video cameras to bring a climate graph to life and debate rainforest futures; using a blog for peer assessment; and using Google Earth for a virtual fieldtrip to the Olympic Park. The lessons are not intended to be used as an entire unit of work but should be dipped into and adapted for integration into current schemes of work. Some of the activities span several lessons and involve work outside the classroom. There are also suggestions of how to use the technologies in other areas of work. Each lesson is clearly set in its geographical context.

The toolkit contains:

• seven fully worked lesson plans

• all the resources needed to teach each lesson, including PowerPoints, KMZ files, and information and activity sheets, available to download from a password protected area of the GA website

• guidance on how to use different multimedia technologies and advice about how to incorporate them into your geography curriculum

• further teaching ideas.

Paul Cornish is Head of Geography at Cooper’s Company and Coborn School, Upminster



Multimedia in geography teaching
How to use this book
Lesson activities at a glance
Using a mini video camera
Lesson 1: Bringing a climate graph to life
Lesson 2: A rainforest puppet show
Using a blog
Lesson 3: Peer assessment using a blog
Using Google Earth as a multimedia resource
Lesson 4: A virtual field trip to the Olympic Park
Lesson 5: Using Google Earth to investigate biomes
Using hand-held digital technology in fieldwork
Lesson 6: Emotional mapping of the school environment
Using Skype for video conferencing
Lesson 7: Investigating local food through video conferencing
Online resources to accompany the book
Further guidance, resources and websites

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