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Nine GIS Lessons at KS3 and GCSE - Teacher Pack Take a closer look

Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4

Nine GIS Lessons at KS3 and GCSE - Teacher Pack

Helen Young

  • Series Editor: AU Enterprises Ltd
  • Pages: 8 + CD
  • ISBN: 978-1-874164-01-2
  • Published: 2010

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Together, the Teacher Pack and Student Textbook contain everything you need to teach these nine successful GIS lessons:

• Where should the wind farm be located?

• Why are some National Parks busier than others?

• How does a global company operate?

• Are there urban disparities within the city of Lichfield?

• What processes are affecting the Holderness coastline?

• How does a river change from source to mouth?

• What are the patterns of migration in Europe?

• What is the global pattern of tectonic activity?

• Is the Brandt Line still relevant when analysing global disparity?

This Teacher Pack comprises a book which introduces the lessons and a CD containing a Light Edition AEGIS programme for installation on the school network, nine AEGIS files and supporting resources, including detailed lesson plans and printable student assessment sheets. The Student Textbook contains essential guidance to allow students to complete the lesson activities. This resource is compatible with the full AEGIS package.



Introduction : What is GIS?

A summary of the nine lessons

GIS skill assessment guide for student to use

GIS subject content links for nine lessons


Light Edition AEGIS program for installation on the school network

Nine AEGIS files to use in the lessons

Teacher resources

  • Nine detailed lesson plans with student challenges
  • Nine teacher’s answer sheets

Student resources

  • Nine student response sheets
  • GIS skills assessment sheet

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