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Images of India CD Take a closer look

Key Stage 2

Images of India CD

Devised by Anna Disney and Felicity Hilditch

  • Pages: CD-Rom
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-283-5
  • Published: 2010

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This resource sets the study of a locality, such as Chembakolli, within the context of India as a whole. It contains around 130 images, suggestions for activity using the images and teachers’ notes. The resource will support teachers in:

  • Teaching about a locality in India
  • Challenging pupils preconceptions and stereotypical views of India
  • Presenting India as a vast, diverse and ancient country, where traditional lifestyles and cultures exist within a modern technological society.

This is a flexible resource which can be used creatively to enhance pupils’ global awareness. The activity suggestions are particular suited to key stage 2 but the images will also be of value to key stage 1.

Anna Disney, a former primary teacher and humanities lecturer in initial teacher education, is currently joint co-ordinator of the Nottinghamshire/India School Linking Network. She has researched interests in the field of global education.

Felicity Hilditch, a former primary teacher, advisory teacher and geography tutor, is currently head of Primary Education at the University of Greenwich. She also teaches geography on the ITE course.

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