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Flooding in Bangladesh: Causes, Impacts & Management (DVD) Take a closer look

Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post-16

Flooding in Bangladesh: Causes, Impacts & Management (DVD)

Pumpkin Interactive Ltd

  • Pages: 30 mins
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-308-5
  • Published: 2010

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Tailor made to fit UK specifications, this resource explores the physical and human cause of flooding in Bangladesh, including climate change. It then explores the social, economic and environmental impacts of the flooding through the personal accounts of people living by the major rivers and on Bangladesh’s char lands. Examples of a variety of flood management strategies, including the pro and cons of hard and soft engineering, are explored. It also shows how NGO’s are working with flood affected communities to alleviate poverty and reduce their vulnerability to future floods.


      Natural Causes
      Human Causes
The Way Ahead?
      Hard Engineering
      Faruk’s Fish
      Moshiur’s Pumpkins
      Noor’s Super Ducks

Additional teaching resources can also be accessed when the DVD is used on a PC or Mac. These can be found by right clicking the DVD drive letter and selecting ‘explore’ or ‘open’.

Each resource includes a fantastic bank of teacher resources and student activities, designed and written by Bob Digby, educational consultant, GCSE principal examiner and author of numerous geography text books.


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