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Primary Geography Handbook Take a closer look

Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2

Primary Geography Handbook

Edited by Stephen Scoffham

  • Pages: 362
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-297-2
  • Published: 2010

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Contents, Introduction, Contributors Free
1. Young geographers (Stephen Scoffham)
2. Geography, creativity and place (Jonathan Barnes)
3. Geography and the emotions (Julia Tanner)
4. Making geography fun (Kathy Alcock)
5. Young children making sense of the world (Fran Martin and Paula Owens)
6. Understanding and developing primary geography (Simon Catling)
7. Enquiries and investigations (Geoff Dinkele)
8. Mapwork skills (Colin Bridge)
9. Using photographs, diagrams and sketches (Margaret Mackintosh)
10. Fieldwork and outdoor learning (Paula Richardson)
11. Geography and language development (Liz Lewis)
12. Geography and ICT (Kate Russell)
13. Using the school locality (Angela Milner and Terry Jewson)
14. Contrasting localities (Greg Walker)
15. The wider world (Maureen Weldon)
16. The global dimension (Mary Young)
17. Weather and climate (Rachel Bowles)
18. Rivers, coasts and the landscape (Liz Lewis)
19. Settlement (John Halocha)
20. Environmental geography (Liz Essex-Cater and Steve Rawlinson)
21. Citizenship and primary geography (Elaine Jackson)
22. Planning the curriculum (Paula Richardson)
23. Assessment for learning (John Kenyon)
24. Inclusion and special needs (David Blow)
25. The subject leader (Jeremy Krause and Jane Millward)
26. The inspection and accreditation of geography (Marcia Foley)
Resources and index Free

The Primary Geography Handbook is the essential guide for all those who are interested in primary geography and want to know how best to teach it. Published by the Geographical Association and written by an experienced and varied author team, this bestselling handbook contains 26 chapters ranging from mapwork and ICT to global citizenship, fieldwork and creativity.

  • Packed with practical ideas on how to teach geography in primary schools
  • Suggestions for cross-curricular links and topics linked to the creative curriculum
  • Extensive reference to government reports and directives
  • Detailed advice on inclusion, planning, assessment and inspection
  • Reports on current research and new thinking in geography
  • Extensive reference to ICT, websites and current technology


This new edition of the handbook, aimed particularly at class teachers, students and subject leaders, will appeal to all those who believe that inspired, motivated and well-informed teachers are the key to successful education. It offers the essential components of primary school geography, exemplified in good practice and provides an interpretation of geography that will stand the test of time and endure in changing circumstances.


Stephen Scoffham

Section 1: Geography and learning
Chapter 1: Young geographers
Stephen Scoffham
Chapter 2: Geography, creativity and place
Jonathan Barnes
Chapter 3: Geography and the emotions
Julia Tanner, with contributions from Stephen Scoffham
Chapter 4: Making geography fun
Kathy Alcock, with contributions from Ruth Potts and Janie Whittle
Chapter 5: Young children making sense of the world
Fran Martin and Paula Owens
Chapter 6: Understanding and developing primary geography
Simon Catling

Section 2: Geographical skills
Chapter 7: Enquiries and investigations
Geoff Dinkele, with contributions from Stephen Scoffham
Chapter 8: Mapwork skills
Colin W. Bridge
Chapter 9: Using photographs, diagrams and sketches
Margaret Mackintosh
Chapter 10: Fieldwork and outdoor learning
Paula Richardson
Chapter 11: Geography and language development
Liz Lewis
Chapter 12: Geography and ICT
Kate Russell

Section 3: People and places
Chapter 13: Using the school locality
Angela Milner and Terry Jewson, with contributions from Stephen Scoffham and Phil Maudsley
Chapter 14: Contrasting localities
Greg Walker, with contributions from Gemma Kent
Chapter 15: The wider world
Maureen Weldon, with contributions from Stephen Scoffham
Chapter 16: The global dimension
Mary Young

Section 4: Themes and topics
Chapter 17: Weather and climate
Rachel Bowles
Chapter 18: Rivers, coasts and the landscape
Liz Lewis
Chapter 19: Settlement
John Halocha
Chapter 20: Environmental geography
Liz Essex-Cater and Steve Rawlinson
Chapter 21: Citizenship and primary geography
Elaine Jackson

Section 5: Managing the curriculum
Chapter 22: Planning the curriculum
Paula Richardson
Chapter 23: Assessment for learning
John Kenyon, with contributions from Stephen Scoffham
Chapter 24: Inclusion and special needs
David Blow, with contributions from Stephen Scoffham
Chapter 25: The subject leader
Jeremy Krause and Jane Millward, with contributions from Anthony Barlow
Chapter 26: The inspection and accreditation of geography
Marcia Foley


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