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Storylink Kochi (whole pack) Take a closer look

Key Stage 2

Storylink Kochi (whole pack)

Iain Dryden and Ralph Hare

  • Pages:
  • ISBN: 978-1-903448-69-4
  • Published: 2002


The Storylink packs are designed to promote the use of fiction in geography and provide resource and teaching ideas for geography at Key Stage 2. Each pack comprises a Teacher's guide, graded children's storybooks and a set of resource sheets and is packaged in an attractive polypropylene box.

This pack focuses on Kochi city, situated in Kerala, southern India. The city is home to a diversity of people. The stories draw on real people and settings, thus allowing children to appreciate the lifestyles of the people of Kochi, their city and its surrounding area.

Three storybooks - Mahout, Monsoon and Web-Chat - are included in the pack. Interwoven in the stories is information from the Resource sheets and the Teacher's guide. Detailed activities are included in units of study, which will help you and your pupils get the most from this pack. Further copies of the story books are available.

'The Teacher's guide provides a wealth of background information, case studies, maps and photocopiable worksheets, and is designed in a clear format, explaining what children should know at each stage' - Reviewed in Junior Education, October 2002

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