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Energy Security: India's Sustainable Solutions (DVD) Take a closer look

Key Stage 4, Post-16

Energy Security: India's Sustainable Solutions (DVD)

Pumpkin Interactive Ltd

  • Pages: 25 mins
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-288-0
  • Published: 2010

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India faces a major energy crisis because of its rapid growth, but traditional energy sources won’t be enough to meet all future needs. This programme looks at sustainable alternatives. We visit Asia’s largest wind farm and look at who’s benefiting from this electricity generation. We then visit a bio gas plant and ask whether this renewable energy source is a solution better suited to meeting the needs of India’s rural population. We look at the problems the bio gas plant is seeking to address and find out how it has benefited the community, in particular the women.


Chapter 1: Sustainable Electricity - Muppandal Wind Farm
Chapter 2: Bio gas – India’s Alternative Cooking Fuel

Additional teaching resources can also be accessed when the DVD is used on a PC. These can be found by right clicking the DVD drive letter and selecting ‘explore’.

Each resource includes a fantastic bank of teaching resources and student activities, designed and written by Bob Digby educational consultant, GCSE principal examiner and author of numerous geography text books.


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