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KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkit: A Thorny Issue<br />Should I buy a Valentine's rose? Take a closer look

Key Stage 3

KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkit: A Thorny Issue
Should I buy a Valentine's rose?

Louise Ellis

  • Series Editor: Alan Kinder and John Widdowson
  • Pages: 40
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-218-7
  • Published: 2009

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The enquiry approach is central to this study: students will be actively involved in deciding if they would send, or be happy to receive, a Valentine’s rose grown in Kenya. They will learn that the lifestyle, material wealth, choices and opportunities that they have are not universal, and to understand the global impact - both good and bad - of their choices as consumers.

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This table shows how they match the 2014 National Curriculum.

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Editors’ Preface
Chapter 1: A Thorny Issue: Should I Buy a Valentine’s rose?
Chapter 2: Medium-term plan
Chapter 3: Lesson plans

  • Where can I buy a Valentine’s rose?
  • Where do our roses come from?
  • What can we find out about the geography of Kenya?
  • What factors influence the production of Kenyan roses?
  • Are Kenyan roses costing the earth?
  • Are all roses the same?
  • Should I buy a Valentine’s rose
  • How can things change for the better?

Chapter 4: Glossary
Chapter 5: Links for further ideas and resources
Chapter 6: Assessment framework

The resource contains:

  • CD-Rom with resources needed for each of the lesson plans

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