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SuperSchemes Basics: Our Journeys Take a closer look

Key Stage 1

SuperSchemes Basics: Our Journeys

Rosemary Moore

  • Pages: 12
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-194-4
  • Published: 2008

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Everyone makes journeys – whether they are long or short, every day or once in a lifetime. This book explores the concept of journeys: the reasons why people make journeys and the geographical concept of connectedness that underpins them. Written specifically for the non-specialist teaching KS1 geography, it identifies the links to the geography curriculum as well as opportunities for cross-curricular work.

The unit comprises a booklet and CD.

In the booklet you will find:

  • basic background information
  • starting points
  • a concept map
  • a medium term plan outlining seven lessons
  • one lesson from the medium term plan described in full
  • advice on using the activity sheets
  • further ideas
  • one activity sheet linked to the medium term plan

On the CD you will find:

  • PDFs of all the material in the booklet
  • an additional lesson plan
  • four more activity sheets, with instructions for use
  • a photobank of 34 images to be used with the activities
  • a list of useful resources
  • advice on using images
  • a link to the GA website

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