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Sustainable Communities: Places People Want? (DVD) Take a closer look

Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post-16

Sustainable Communities: Places People Want? (DVD)

Pumpkin Interactive Ltd

  • Pages: 54 mins
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-222-4
  • Published: 2008

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This DVD package has been produced with the Geographical Association and Academy for Sustainable Communities to serve an enquiry approach to ‘My community’ by showing everyday people in unexceptional circumstances.

It contains case studies for those studying: sub-urbanised villages, Managing Rural Environments, change in urban and rural environments, sustainable cities, Sustainable futures and ties in well with schemes of work looking at traffic and transport issues, service and retail provision.



Case Study 1: Cornwall
      Well served?
      Well connected?
      Thriving economy?
Case Study 2: The Dearne Valley, Yorkshire
      A thriving economy?
      Well designed and built?
      Active, inclusive and safe?
Case Study 3: Hamstreet, Kent
      Well designed and built?
      Well served?
      Active, inclusive and safe?
Q&A Cameos about careers

This DVD contains a vast array of teaching materials written by leading geographers. It includes case study work-sheets, a PowerPoint presentation. Lesson plans, fieldwork questionnaires and information about careers in sustainable communities.

‘The Year 10s enjoyed getting a feel for the change over time in such villages and to see how the community was responding.’ PGCE student, Bristol.


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