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Planning your Key Stage 3 geography curriculum Take a closer look
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Key Stage 3

Planning your Key Stage 3 geography curriculum

Eleanor Rawling

  • Pages: 64
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-200-2
  • Published: 2008


The Key Stage 3 National Curriculum is being reviewed but in the meantime you still have to implement the 2008 geography programme of study and be prepared for whatever changes may be required in 2012 or 2013.

Is it possible to make sense of all this even with all the other constraints on Key Stage 3 in your school? Have you been asked to combine with History and RE in Year 7, to focus on skills, to develop Citizenship or to provide targets? Can you do all these things and still plan an inspiring, up-to-date and powerful geography curriculum for the future?

Help is at hand! Planning Your Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum is designed to help you address all these questions and so involve yourself in curriculum development in a satisfying and professional way.

Follow the link below to find accompanying documents for Planning Your Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum.


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Melanie Norman Guest

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Your 'Planning' book is brilliant. I read it on train journeys to and from London this week after I had attended the south-east regional training event for KS3 planning last Tuesday, run by CfBT. I'm no longer in a position where I will have to write a new geography scheme of work, but I will find your book enormously helpful in explaining the new curriculum to my PGCE students, who will be contributing to the new curriculum.

Thanks for a very, very helpful publication.

Melanie Norman, PGCE (Secondary) Course Leader
School of Education, University of Brighton


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