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Ageing Populations: A European case study (DVD) Take a closer look

Key Stage 4, Post-16

Ageing Populations: A European case study (DVD)

Pumpkin Interactive Ltd

  • Pages:
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-191-3
  • Published: 2007

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This resource examines the current issues surrounding an ageing population in the UK, using East Devon as a case study. It starts by illustrating the nature of the UK’s ageing population and changing dependency ratio, looking at the causes and consequences, both positive and negative. It shows how governments, NGOs and individuals are meeting the challenges at a national and local level and explores the strain on healthcare, transport, housing, the pensions time bomb and the growing crisis of care.

The resource contains:

  • A 30-minute documentary divided into clear sections
  • PowerPoint lessons plans building the video into 2-3 lessons scheme of works
  • Photocopiable thinking skills activities
  • Further background case study information and material
  • Links to related Internet resources.

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