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e-geography - Using ICT in quality geography Take a closer look

Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post-16

e-geography - Using ICT in quality geography

Fred Martin

  • Pages: 160
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-170-8
  • Published: 2006

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This resource presents ideas and classroom resources that take advantage of the many ways in which ICT can improve the quality of the geography that is taught and learnt in secondary schools. This is done by first identifying what is meant by ‘quality’ in different geographical contexts, then by exploring ways in which ICT can play a significant part in both raising (and also in more sharply redefining) quality in geography.

The book presents key ideas about how ICT can improve the quality of geography. The CD offers samples of work in geography that have been created by using different ICT applications. The ideas and techniques described are realistic, being already in use in a number of secondary schools.

The aim is to challenge teachers to think about how the subject can move forward in a digital age. It is not a manual of ICT techniques, though some useful techniques are included. Nor does it set out to provide ‘off the shelf’ lesson plans and resources for working with ICT. It is intended to stimulate thought about the pedagogy of using a wide range of different ICT applications. Some uncompromising views are presented with regard to criteria and expectations of standards in the subject. These views are intended to provoke debate within the geographical community so that a shared understanding of teaching and learning in the subject can emerge.


  • Using the resource
  • Chapter 1: The digital dimension
  • Chapter2: Working with words
  • Chapter 3: Research and resources
  • Chapter 4: The spatial dimension
  • Chapter 5: Working with data
  • Chapter 6: The ICT in pictures
  • Chapter 7: Processes in action
  • Chapter 8: Fieldwork with ICT
  • Chapter 9: Only the start


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