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Secondary Geography Handbook (book only) Take a closer look

Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post-16

Secondary Geography Handbook (book only)

David Balderstone

  • Pages: 528
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-165-4
  • Published: 2006

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Here Editor David Balderstone outlines the philosophy underpinning the book and describes how it was put together.

‘What we teach in geography is important, as are the ways in which young people learn. So the role of this new Handbook is twofold: to inspire and support the professional learning of geography teachers, and to promote worthwhile and stimulating geographical learning for students.

The intention is to provide inspiration rather than instruction, inspiring geography teachers to renew their faith in their own skills and understanding, and encouraging them to develop their own classroom practice. The opportunity to use your imagination and the freedom to innovate makes teaching geography rewarding and motivating!

‘The content covers all the areas both experienced and beginning teachers and students need – from ‘what’s the point of geography?’ through all the skills of teaching and learning, assessment, inclusivity and professional development. As geography teachers we are learners too: learning about the subject, about how students learn and about how to set up worthwhile learning activities, so our classrooms are collaborative learning communities. The ideas and principles suggested in the book offer starting points to guide further development and support professional learning.

‘The contributors are drawn from the rich diversity of geography educators – in school, teacher education, higher education and the advisory service. What unites them is the geography ‘community of practice’. They each bring to the book their own experience, imagination and unique ideas; however, they also draw strength from the support they receive from our subject community in developing this contribution. This community of practice, and the collaboration it supports, are of critical importance to this book - and to helping school geography realise its true educational potential.’

David Balderstone

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