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SuperSchemes Unit 10: A village in India Take a closer look

Key Stage 2

SuperSchemes Unit 10: A village in India

Jo Price

  • Series Editor: Paula Richardson and Emma Till
  • Pages: 12
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-143-2
  • Published: 2005


This unit, for Year 4 pupils, extends and enriches Unit 10 of the QCA scheme of work. It provides exciting and challenging geography by encouraging pupils to explore how and why village life in India is changing through links with the wider world. Pupils investigate the great diversity of life in India by comparing and contrasting a range of rural and urban localities. It can be taught as a short unit, e.g. over two weeks, as the knowledge, understanding and skills relating to each activity follow on from one another. However, it could also form a whole-day teaching unit.

It is important to approach this unit with geography objectives in mind, although concepts of citizenship, thinking skills and creativity are integrated throughout the activities. All activities can be organised as individual, pair, small-group and whole-group work. Discussion, enquiry and decision-making aim to heighten pupils’ motivation and promote confidence and originality.

Images are used in all activities and provide opportunities for pupils to ask questions, challenge negative stereotypes and explore accurate representations of places in India.


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