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SuperSchemes Unit 26: Investigating the local area: Our town Take a closer look

Key Stage 2

SuperSchemes Unit 26: Investigating the local area: Our town

Rachel Bowles

  • Series Editor: Paula Richardson and Emma Till
  • Pages: 12
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-159-3
  • Published: 2005


This unit fulfils the requirements of local study in geography, history and citizenship. It develops the curiosity and observational skills begun in SuperSchemes Unit 6: Our Street. Most schools are in an urban situation - and most children in rural schools are regular visitors to towns. Each town has developed for a reason: maybe as a centre for buying and selling local goods - a market town. Others owe their growth to their location on the coast - holiday resorts. Some developed around an industry, such as textile mills or pot making, now defunct. All have a legacy of special buildings and open spaces which make them distinctive even in their own region, and all are changing. The unit demonstrates how these changes can be understood and appreciated, now and in the past: in the field and through documents, maps and photographs. There are opportunities for considering the needs of different people who use a town and a framework for using role play in a planning enquiry. Attention is also drawn to what is required to retain sustainability in a town.


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