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Fieldwork File: Managing Safe and Successful Fieldwork Take a closer look


Fieldwork File: Managing Safe and Successful Fieldwork

Stuart May and Paula Richardson

  • Pages: 44
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-120-3
  • Published: 2005

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High-profile tragedies and ‘blame culture’ have resulted in some schools and teachers feeling that the responsibility for taking pupils on fieldwork trips is too onerous. But out-of-classroom activities are vital to geography teaching, are also a highly enjoyable geography experience for all. Depriving pupils of this experience results in a serious gap in their geography education.

Teachers’ concerns are real, however, and must be addressed. This book, compiled by the Field Studies Working Group of the Geographical Association and the Field Studies Council, provides clear, comprehensive and practical guidance about the conduct of all out-of-classroom activities.

The highly experienced team of authors covers all aspects of fieldwork planning and conduct:

  • The different considerations for different phases
  • The use of ICT in relation to fieldwork
  • Planning, organisation, preparation and conduct of fieldwork
  • Follow-up and evaluation
  • Safety
  • Child protection issues

Used in conjunction with school or local authority guidelines, this book will give teachers the confidence to carry out fieldwork in a safe and educationally valuable way.

This book forms part of the GA/FSC fieldwork series, Managing Safe and Successful Fieldwork, Fieldwork File: For the primary years and Fieldwork file: For the secondary years.

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