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SuperSchemes Unit 08: Improving the environment: access for all Take a closer look

Key Stage 2

SuperSchemes Unit 08: Improving the environment: access for all

Simon Catling

  • Series Editor: Paula Richardson and Emma Till
  • Pages: 12
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-141-8
  • Published: 2005


This unit, for Year 4, looks at one aspect of our environment and encourages children to consider how to make improvements. We all need to get access to places, into buildings, along a street, onto buses, and so forth. But to get about in a wheelchair; to take a pushchair with a toddler in it into a shop; even to walk to the postbox with a letter when you are unsteady on your legs: these things are much harder when paths, kerbs, shop entrances, etc., are not adapted for you. The activities in this unit involve Year 4 children in examining and evaluating their school and local environments for their accessibility, identifying ways to make those environments more accessible for all, and communicate their proposals. The work links with citizenship, helps children develop enquiries and consider how to create a more caring environment for others, particularly locally.


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