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Technically Geography: lessons combining geography and ICT for Y3/4 Take a closer look

Key Stage 2

Technically Geography: lessons combining geography and ICT for Y3/4

Des Bowden and Pam Copeland

  • Pages:
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-111-1
  • Published: 2005

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This pack integrates the QCA Schemes of Work for ICT and geography at Key Stage 2 and covers many of the areas of the geography and ICT programmes of study. The key geographical questions in each unit are addressed and enhanced with the appropriate ICT provision.

Successful geographical learning requires the appropriate integration of ICT knowledge, understanding and skills to help resolve geographical issues. Applying ICT skills to real learning situations, set in a real context, heightens pupils' confidence, ability and sense of achievement; and geography is ideally placed to provide imaginative and meaningful opportunities for ICT to enhance the quality of both subjects.

Using this approach through the lesson plans and ideas in Technically Geography will enable teachers to turn competent lessons into creative and challenging learning experiences. This pack comprises:

  • a comprehensive 44-page Teacher's guide including photocopy masters
  • 20 lesson plans focusing on the geography scheme of work units:
    • 6: Investigating our local area
    • 9: Village settlers
    • 10: A village in India
    • 16: What's in the news?
  • a CD with PDF and Word versions of the learning outcomes and all 54 photocopiables from the Technically Geography series

Each lesson plan identifies the schemes of work, lesson purpose and key questions and ideas covered as well as the resources needed. The lessons, unless fieldwork based, are normally divided into four components. Following a whole class introduction, work is undertaken through a teacher-led ICT focus group and one or two independent activities, with a plenary session to complete the lesson. For the more creative teacher and more able pupils there are suggested extension activities which go beyond the national curriculum requirements and take the learning further.

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