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Learning Through Enquiry: Making sense of geography in the key stage 3 classroom Take a closer look
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Key Stage 3

Learning Through Enquiry: Making sense of geography in the key stage 3 classroom

Margaret Roberts

  • Pages: 212
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-095-4
  • Published: 2003

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Enquiry is an integral part of the geography national curriculum, yet research evidence suggests that it is not fully established in the classroom. Learning through Enquiry, with its many interesting and innovative ideas, provides stimulus and support for teachers to develop enquiry at Key Stage 3. The book offers more than 50 examples, all tried and tested in the classroom.

Enquiry is presented as a process in which students are actively engaged in constructing geographical knowledge. At the same time as emphasising student involvement, Margaret Roberts sees a crucial role for teachers in:

  • stimulating curiosity
  • promoting a critical, questioning attitude
  • towards data
  • providing opportunities for students to explore new ideas and information for themselves
  • encouraging students to reflect on both what and how they have learnt

Learning through Enquiry explores how and why enquiry has been incorporated into the geography curriculum and emphasises the role of language in learning through enquiry. Chapters on literacy and numeracy provide guidance and practical examples to support their development alongside the development of geographical understanding.


Part one - Enquiry, Literacy and Numeracy
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is geographical enquiry?
Chapter 3: Why enquiry?
Chapter 4: Essentials of geographical enquiry
Chapter 5: The role of language in geographical enquiry
Chapter 6: Focus on Reading
Chapter 7: Focus on Writing
Chapter 8: Focus on Speaking and listening
Chapter 9: Focus on Numeracy

Part two - Focused enquiry
Chapter 10: Describing
Chapter 11: Explaining
Chapter 12: Values
Chapter 13: Survey
Chapter 14: Personal geographies
Chapter 15: Representation
Chapter 16: Futures thinking
Chapter 17: The Big Project

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Ryan Bate

Ryan Bate GA Member

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Any news on when the sequel will be available to order? Cheers, RB.


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