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Classic Landforms of the Antrim Coast Take a closer look

Key Stage 4, Post-16

Classic Landforms of the Antrim Coast

Bernard Smith and Patricia Warke

  • Series Editor: Christopher Green, Michael Naish and Sally Naish
  • Pages: 52
  • ISBN: 978-1-899085-47-7
  • Published: 2001

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Published by the GA in conjunction with the British Geomorphological Research Group.

Prepared by a subject expert, each guide has full colour photographs, high quality original cartography and illustration and, with the support of the Ordnance Survey, OS map extracts.

The dramatic north-east corner of Ireland, between Larne in the south-east and Portrush in the north-west, is home to two areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and one of only two natural World Heritage Sites in the British Isles - the Giant’s Causeway. This guide concentrates on features found along the coastline of Antrim at Garron Point, Glenariff, Fair Head and White Park Bay. It encourages the visitor to investigate the whole of the coast, enabling travel from Larne to the Giant’s Causeway and beyond, with foray’s onto the Antrim Plateau

[the] guides can be recommeneded: they give an up-to-date account of the geomorphology, are illustrated by good diagrams and photographs, both in colour which is well-used, and have concise topographical directions, including grid references - Reviewed in Teaching Earth Sciences, September 2001

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