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Methods of Statistical Analysis of Fieldwork Data Take a closer look


Methods of Statistical Analysis of Fieldwork Data

Peter St John and Dave Richardson

  • Pages: 64
  • ISBN: 978-1-899085-16-3
  • Published: 1996

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In Methods of Presenting Fieldwork Data, the sister volume to this book, we dealt with the multifarious ways of presenting the information collected on fieldwork. Much fieldwork is collected in the form of numerical quantities, and at a higher level it is often desirable to further manipulate the data in order to present a precise statement as to similarities and differences and its validity. This is best achieved through the use of statistics.

Methods of Statistical Analysis of Fieldwork Data aims to help students firstly, to select the most suitable method of statistical analysis to apply to their data and secondly, to conduct the chosen test. Examples, ideas and guidelines are given for each method.

The text is aimed at A-level geographers and biologist who are required to apply statistical tests to validate their analyses, but who are not necessarily first-class mathematicians!

Peter St John is Educational Officer/Advisor for Blackburn Groundwork Trust and Dave Richardson is Head of Hothersall Lodge, Lancashire’s Field Study Centre.


 1 Design of a study
 2 Background to Statistical Methods
 3 Comparing Samples for Difference
 4 The Chi-squared Test
 5 Correlations
 6 Linear Regression
 7 Estimating the Size of Animal Populations
 8 Measuring the Diversity of Communities
 9 Measuring The Diversity of Activity
10 Measuring Dispersions
11 measuring Orientations
12 Analysing Three-Dimensional Shapes
Glossary of Words and Terms


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