Visual Geography

Visual Geography is a set of base resources for PowerPoint or interactive whiteboards, and can be used for primary or secondary.

The basic premise is that geography is a very visual subject and the use of images can help to make the subject much more accessible. However the key for teachers is to remember that students do not always see and interpret images as we do. We often take it for granted that children see what they are asked to look at and that they see what we see in pictures. But this is not so. The skill of looking at, understanding and interpreting pictures has to be taught through planned directed study.

This is a sequence of teaching ideas that are ready made except for the pictures themselves and they help young people to see what we think is important. The teacher only needs to supply images they want to use in their sequence of lessons. You must download the PowerPoint files to access the links.

By Wendy North and Ann Hamblen

ICT Frames for Starters and Research Activities

These frames can be easily adapted for use in a wide variety of teaching and learning activities.

Teachers might choose to use these frames in a variety of ways:

  • Projected onto a whiteboard
  • As the basis of hands-on ICT sessions with pupils
  • Printed off as pupil prompt sheets

Adopt and Adapt

The model used for all of our activities has been:

  • Start with a good idea (adopt)
  • Consider how the idea can be adapted
  • Provide blank frames for teachers to use

To use any of these activities you will need:

  • To collect together a folder of digital images, either collected from the web, from scanned images or from digital photographs
  • To be able to insert a picture into the software (these examples are provided in PowerPoint and Word format – although it would also work with IWB software)

Starter Activities >>>

Research Frames >>>

Useful Websites >>>

Find out about the background to this material >>>

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