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The GA's Secondary Phase Committee has produced the following Top Tips publications on a range of topics from exam revision to promoting GCSE geography at option time.

First time at Conference

From collecting free resources and choosing the right workshop to sharing ideas over a beer, these top tips should help you make the most out of your first time at the GA Annual Conference.

Download: First time at Conference (PDF)

Teaching a linear course

Tips on teaching a range of topics in a smooth linear way which incorporates revision early on to prepare your students for exams.

Download: Teaching a linear course (PDF)

Developing locational knowledge

Thirty one top tips to develop locational knowledge with your students.

Download: Developing locational knowledge (PDF)

Exam revision time

Creative geography revision ideas for Year 11 students.

Download: Exam revision time (PDF)

Getting your students out of the classroom during the summer term

Ten great tips for getting your students outdoors, from urban walks to doorstep geography.

Download: Get your students out of the classroom during the summer term (PDF)

Geography in the wider curriculum

This edition of Top Tips explores ways in which geography can contribute to the wider school curriculum whilst maintaining its rigorous subject integrity.

Download: Geography in the wider curriculum (PDF)

Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Top tips for developing spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) in geography.

Download: Spelling, punctuation and grammar (PDF)

Primary-secondary transition

The GA's Secondary and Early Years and Primary Phase Committees have teamed up to prepare these top tips for helping Year 6 students move smoothly into Year 7 geography.

Download: Primary-secondary transition (PDF)

Download: Globingo template (PDF)

Download: Globingo template (Word)

Your new KS3

Ten quick ideas for spicing up KS3 Geography, including following 'The BBC Box' and writing Geo-Texts as a homework activity.

Download: Ideas for your new KS3 (PDF)

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Paul Guest

Brilliant page, please update...thanks!


ECL Guest

This page is great, would love to see more of this kind of thing!


C Gallagher Guest

Some really useful ( and simple!) ideas to help embed key skills and ideas into curriculum throughout school

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