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This page provides links to a range of information for GCSE, A level and university geography students.

GCSE geography

Top Tips for exam season

Creative geography revision ideas for Year 11 students produced by the GA's Secondary Phase Committee.

Examination explained (GCSE and A level)

How are exams marked? What’s a grade boundary? How long does it take to create a question paper? These questions and more are answered through a series of OCR factsheets.

The Geographical Times

The Geographical Times is a free internationally distributed newspaper for secondary geography students.

A level geography

Student Voices: Promoting A level geography

This article presents a collection of thoughts from A level students currently studying geography in year 13.

A level geography: the verdict

Four Year 13 students at Bancroft’s School look back on the highs and lows of their course (Edexcel). They compare notes on what they’ve learned, how this differs from their initial expectations and what they feel the legacy of the course will be, both in terms of (i) specialist knowledge and (ii) transferable capabilities.

Reading list for A level students

A list of books, some fact and some fiction, which will help you get a feel for the places, issues and people you are studying. Some of the titles fit into several sections and the divisions made are purel y arbitrary. You should use it as part of your extra reading.


This growing collection of videocasts is intended to be used by both teachers and A level and university students. The aim is to provide a deeper understanding of a wide range of issues and challenges in the contemporary world through these short, powerful updates.

University geography

Students talk about university geography

The GA's Post-16 & HE Phase Committee spoke to geography students at three universities to find out about their experiences of studying geography at degree level. Their conversation was filmed.

Studying geography at university: Is it for me?

This article demonstrates how your concerns and expectations are perfectly normal before going off to university. The GA's Post-16 & HE Phase Committee interviewed geography students at the University of Chester, the University of Gloucestershire and the University of the West of England, Bristol, to discover what they had been looking forward to and what they had worried about in terms of leaving school and beginning their studies at university. The students also explained how they felt a year or two into their university adventure, and how studying geography at university is different from studying geography at school/college.

How to succeed at university in GEES disciplines

A guide to help you to develop and enhance a range of skills and competencies related to the effective use of information within the GEES (geography, earth and environmental science) disciplines.

En route for Oxbridge: An introduction to aspects of the Oxbridge application process

This article aims to offer some tips and guidance for teachers who may be less familiar with the additional hurdles that their students must overcome to get a coveted place at Oxbridge. Invariably Oxbridge attracts some of the brightest students whose other choices are likely to be from the Russell Group therefore comments relating to this are also included.

Volunteering in Africa

Joe Pearson, from African Adventures, has written short articles about his experience of volunteering in Ghana, and learning outside the classroom through volunteering. They provide an insight into volunteering abroad, including the benefits and challenges of doing so.

Careers in geography

This area of the GA website has been created to help you explore geography-related careers including jobs that use geographical skills, jobs that are affected by geography and jobs that exist because of geography.

Stand out and be counted

This guide seeks to challenge many of the myths that surround working with numbers and inspire students to embrace quantitative skills. It contains personal stories from journalists, entrepreneurs, charity workers, academics and civil servants who have all taken steps to use quantitative skills confidently in their careers.

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