Russia - Where is the best geography?

The Ural mountains, Russia, by Flickr user Maxim Panteleyev, shared under a Creative Commons license.


The inclusion of countries as part of the National Curriculum provides both opportunities and challenges. This list of web sites based on place and topic provides a wide range of themes to investigate when studying Russia. The extent of Russia provides a wide range of examples and opportunities for sample studies. The sites on this page have been carefully selected but as always it is important to check them before they are used in the classroom. Both to check if they are still available and for the level of the language they use; some contain very good visual materials.

Please email if you discover a broken link.


Statistics and data

Physical geography and locations

Weather and climate

Nationalities and language families

Farming and agriculture



Statistics and data

Physical geography and locations

Ural Mountains

Mountain Professor

WWF Website

Sky News

Verkhoyansk Mountains



Lake Baikal

UNESCO Website

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal Homepage

Aral Sea

The Aral Sea Crisis

Drying of the Aral Sea: Timelapse (YouTube)

Earth Observatory

Caspian Sea

International Institute for Caspian Studies

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Black Sea

Black Sea Basin

Black Sea Commission

Black Sea Scene

Biogeographic Regions

European Environment Agency

Russian Nature

Borodino Forest - near Moscow

Virtual Tourist

Trip Advisor

Perma Frost

Climate Adaptation

No Tricks Zone

Barents Observer

Russia Plains

World Atlas

Russian Embassy


Blue Planet Biomes

Nortern Russis Tundra

BBC Nature

Thermokarst Landscapes

Trip Advisor


Altai Mountains

UNESCO Website

Archaeology and Landscape

Trip Advisor

Alibek Glacier


Global Digital Photo Contest

Sea of Okhotsk

Tides in the Sea of Okhotsk

Largest Deep Earthquake Surprises Seismologists

Russia Sea of Okhotsk pollock fishery is MSC certified

Russia Minerals

Mining World Russia


Online Mineral Museum

Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus — Russia's Highest Mountain

Mount Elbrus: Facts About Europe's Highest Mountain

Mount Elbrus

Sea of Okhotsk

RT Website

Ice Floe on the Sea of Okhotsk

Tides in the Sea of Okhotsk

Volga River

WWF Website

Yenesei River [fifth largest in the world] -

A Year on the Yenisei River

Yenisei River

Ob River

Ob River

Ob River System

Dnieper River

Dnieper River

Dnieper (YouTube)



Shiveluch volcano ash falls on village in Kamchatka

Trans-Siberian Gold Refined Production Increases, Grades Fall

Mount Klyuchevskaya

Highest volcano in Eurasia starts erupting

Klyuchevskaya Sopka

Caucasus Mountains

Caucasus Mountains

Caucasus Mountains

Barguzin Game Reserve - Lake Baikal

Barguzin Nature Preserve by Lake Baikal, Russia

Boyd Norton Wilderness Photography

WWF Website

Kronotsky Game Reserve - Kamchatka

Kronotsky Reserve

National Geographic

Kamchatka: Kronotsky reserve

Sarychev Area

Sarychev Peak volcano

Sarychev Volcano at Volcano Live

Voronezh Region Central Russia

Welcome to Russia

Voronezh Region

Astrakham Reserve - Volta River Delta

Wild Russia

Russia Travel

Oka Terrace Area near Moscow

Oka Terrace Preserve

Forest resources in the Moscow Region

Weather and climate

Nationalities and language families

Farming and agriculture



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