Teaching about refugees and migration

Migration, and specifically the migration of refugees, has been a constant item in the news during summer 2015. The topic allows students to explore key concepts in human geography and to hone their geographical skills and locational knowledge. It also makes an appearance in the 2014 National Curriculum and in the new GCSE and A level specifications (download a table showing coverage here).

This resource includes background information and teaching ideas for teachers to deliver a relevant, engaging and topical curriculum to their students.

'Get it straight...' - definitions and misconceptions

The terminology used to describe migrants and refugees can be confusing but it is important that students get it right. See the refugee and asylum seeker myth buster at www.redcross.org.uk for help in defining key terms. The information sheets would also make an eye-catching display for the classroom.

Quick start

BBC Trending reports of a 29 year old Syrian man, Samir Al-Mufti who has created a video based on Nintendo's Super Mario but which charts the fortunes of 'Refugee Mario'. Many of Al-Mufti's friends have fled for Europe and the video is based upon some of the dangerous decisions that they took. Smugglers take 'Refugee Mario' on a journey across the Mediterranean Sea where he then encounters Hungarian border guards and is thrown into prison. Read the full article here.


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