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Free photographs for GA members

Welcome to the GA Photo Gallery, a resource created by members for members. The photographs are freely available to download and use in school, but if you wish to use them for any other purpose, please contact us first.


Teachers and picture editors are entitled to use photographs by Bryan Ledgard on condition that you credit him as the photographer. View Bryan's photos on Flickr.

Visual Geography

Visual Geography contains thousands of photographs for geography teachers and students to use. The images are divided into categories such as people, houses, transport and food.

GA Photo Gallery

Argentina Gallery

© Marcia Foley 

Keywords: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Cities, Coati, El alafate, Glacier, Iguassu Falls, Mate, Mountains, Patagonian, Perito, Rivers, Transport, Tourism, Upsala, Waterfalls,

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Chembakolli Gallery

© David Gardner 

Keywords: Buildings, Chembakolli, Coffee, Education, Farming, Housing, India, Plantation, Pupils, School, Tea, Transport, Vidyodaya

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Coast Gallery

© Melanie Norman

Keywords: Coast, Beach, Cliff, Rock, Erosion, Chalk, Sandstone, River, Meander, Sea, Defence, Deposits, Salt, Marsh, Sussex, Beachy Head, Cuckmere

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Coll Gallery

© Wendy North and Anne Hamblen

Keywords: Coll, Arinagour, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, island, village, coast, rural, ferry

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Docklands Gallery

© Alan Kinder 

Keywords: Central Business City, Docklands, Flats, Flood defense, London, Mass market, Postmodern, Redevelopment, Sustainable development, Tourism

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Flamborough Head Gallery

© David Gardner 

Keywords: Arches, Caves, Cliff, Coast, Erosion, Flamborough Head, Headland, Stack, Tide,

Enter the Flamborough Head Gallery >>>


Ghana Mine Gallery

© Julia Hammond

Keywords: Ghana, Ashanti, Obuasi, AngloGold, Mine, Mining, Gold Mine, Ore, Industry, Pollution

Enter the Ghana Mine Gallery >>>


Greenwich Millennium Village Gallery

© Alan Kinder 

Keywords: Docklands, Greenwich, London, Sustainable

Enter the Greenwich Millennium Village Gallery >>>


High Force Gallery

© David Gardner 

Keywords: High Force, Waterfall, Rocks, Rivers,

Enter the High Force Gallery >>>


Hong Kong Gallery

© Richard Allaway

Keywords: Asia, Hong Kong, Urban, Development, Globalisation, Culture, Industry, TNC, Transport, Coast, Retail, Housing, Settlement, Tourism

Enter the Hong Kong Gallery >>>


Housing Gallery

© Charles Rawding

Keywords: Flat, House, Terrace, Semi-detached, Detached, Thatch, Cottage, Seaside, Apartment, Rent, City Centre

Enter the Housing Gallery >>>


Human and Natural Landscapes Gallery

© John Westaway 

Keywords: Tourism, Mountain, City, Countryside, Volcano, Coast, Hill, Vegetation, Management, Environment, Water, Desert, Sand, Dune, Sea, Tide

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India Gallery

© David Gardner 

Keywords: Bangalore, Farming, India, Market, Mysore, Oxen, Paddy-field, Rice, Shanty, Transport,

Enter the India Gallery >>>


Industry Gallery

© Charles Rawding and John Westaway

Keywords: Jaguar, Factory, Pumice, Quarry, Stoneworks

Enter the Industry Gallery >>>


Kenya Gallery

© Kevin Cook 

Keywords: Agriculture, Homes, Environment, Vegetation, Children, People, Education, Gender, Work, Conservation, Tourism, Culture, Mountains, Volcanoes, View, Coast

Enter the Kenya Gallery >>>


Lake District Gallery

© Charles Rawding 

Keywords: Lake District, Lake, Countryside, Tarn Hows, Scenery, Trees, Cumbria

Enter the Lake District Gallery >>>


Mynamar (formerly Burma) Gallery

© Paul Richardson 

Keywords: Asia, Myanmar, Burma, People, Tourism, Transport, View, Vegetation, Children, What's Going On?, Industry, Conservation, House, Market, Pagoda, River.

Enter the Mynamar Gallery >>>


Nepal Energy Village Gallery

© Practical Action

Keywords: Nepal, Enery, Renewable Energy, Practical Action, Development, Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydro Power

Enter the Nepal Energy Village Gallery >>>


Seaside Village Gallery

© Fran Martin 

Keywords: Combe Martin, Devon, Seaside, Beach, Harbour, Tourism, Shops, Supermarket, Cafe, River, Parking, Signs, Gifts, Rocks, Sand, Landscape

Enter the Seaside Village Gallery >>>


Scarborough Gallery

© David Gardner 

Keywords: Bay, Beaches, Building, Castle, Coast, Headland, Hotel, Promenade, Scarborough, Spa, Stone, Tourism, Waves,

Enter the Scarborough Gallery >>>


Scarborough Coastal Defences

© Richard Allaway

Keywords: Scarborough, Coast, Defence, Management, Erosion

Enter the Scarborough Coastal Defences Gallery >>>


Shopping Gallery

© Charles Rawding

Keywords: Out of town shopping, Shopping Centre, Bluewater

Enter the Shopping Gallery >>>


Transport Gallery

© Charles Rawding

Keywords: Bus, Train, Station, Motorway, Road, Boat, Canal, Barge, Car, Taxi, Aeroplane, Airport, Bike, History

Enter the Transport Gallery >>>


Venice Gallery

© Charles Rawding 

Keywords: Venice, Italy, Europe, Housing, Gondola, Carnival, Festival, Costume, Tourism, People, Canal, Shops

Enter the Venice Gallery >>>


Wales Gallery

© Melanie Norman 

Keywords: Wales, Snowdon, Mountain, River, Cliff, Rock, Scenery, Countryside, Trees, Hills, Water, Castle, Railway, Walk, Climb, Peak

Enter the Wales Gallery >>>


Water Gallery

© Individual Photographers 

Keywords: Flood, Coast, Water, What's Going On?

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