Primary Activities - Xinjiang Market

This image shows a market place on the edge of the town of Xinha in the Xinjiang province of western China.

Xinha is situated on the Silk Route, traditionally an important trade route between the East and the West. People come from all over the province to sell and buy their wares at this market, which is held once a month at the weekend.

Questions and activities related to this image could focus on comparing this market with one in the local area and the production of materials and economic activities.

  • What kinds of jobs are the people in this picture doing?
  • What are they selling, and what might it be used for?
  • Look at the different sorts of animals in this picture. What do you think they do?
  • Imagine you are standing in this market place. Close your eyes and describe the sounds and smells all around you.
  • Under two headings - 'similar to' and 'different from' - list the similarities and differences between the market in the picture and one you have visited.
  • If possible, visit a local market and look at the range of items on sale. Compare them with the types of products on sale in this Chinese market. Is there a bigger range of things for sale in your local market, or a more limited range? In either case, say why you think this is so.

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