Our Wonderful World

This area of the website contains seven stunning photographs from around the world, along with classroom activities to go with them.

Six of the images were selected from the Royal Geographical Society's Picture Library and one was kindly supplied by the British Antarctic Survey. These images were chosen to show a variety of peoples, places and scales, and to reflect the scope of the RGS Picture Library collection.

Note: The A1 posters of these photographs that used to be available have now been discontinued, but larger versions of the photographs can now be downloaded which should be suitable for displaying on an Interactive White Board.

Questions and activities

This site includes further information and specific questions and activities on each image.

Two sets of questions and activities have been devised: one for use with pupils in primary schools and one for use with secondary students. Teachers can use the questions and activities as a starting-point for devising their own. In their present form some of the questions and activities are more suitable for use with a particular key stage or age range; however, some from the primary phase can be adapted for use with lower-ability secondary-school students, and some of the secondary questions can be adapted for use with higher-ability pupils in primary schools.

The questions and activities for each individual image are available to browse online or to download as PDFs below.

The authors

The questions and activities on these pages were jointly devised by:

Rob Lodge Head of Humanities, Hamond's High School, Swaffham, Norfolk and Vice-Chair of the Geographical Association's Secondary Education Section Committee

Judith Mansell Education Officer, Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers)

Paula Richardson Adviser for Geography

Copyright notice

These pages contain copyrighted images. You may not distribute, copy, publish or use the images or any part of the images in any way whatsoever. No images or any part of any image may be altered, manipulated, added to or deleted. Copyright of the images resides with the British Antarctic Survey and the Royal Geographical Society and their photographers, as indicated.


The Geographical Association and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) would like to extend their thanks to the British Antarctic Survey for supplying advice on the questions and activities on the image of Mount Erebus in particular and on Antarctica in general.


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