Lesson plan: Incredible India

Key questions

  • Where is India?
  • What are the main physical and human characteristics of India?

Activity 1

Before the lesson, cut up the cards on activity sheet 1 and put these in envelopes. Put these underneath eight chairs before the class arrives.

Ask students where their ideas about India come from. Have they studied India before, seen it in books or on TV, or do they have links with India? Use atlases and ask students to locate India.

Ask students to look under the chairs. Students with envelopes should open them and read out the incredible facts about India.

Activity 2

Demonstrate to students how to use the latitude and longitude values on the cards to locate the information on activity sheet 2. Ensure also that students are clear on the difference between human and physical features. Hand out activity sheet 2. Students should annotate the map of India with the incredible facts, using one colour for physical and another for human features.


If there is time, students could use atlases or the internet to add more facts to their maps. Can they find the names of other rivers or mountains? What about the other main cities?

Peer-assess the maps as a class: groups of four students could look at their maps and decide which is best. Which is the most incredible fact?


Further teaching resources for China and India >>>

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J King Guest

Are the lat/long coordinates on this worksheet (Activity Sheet 1 - Incredible India Facts) correct - my students were very confused by the fact the minutes go above 60! or am I missing something! thanks!

Milan Recknagel

Milan Recknagel GA Staff

Hi J King,

Thanks for raising the issue, there was a mistake on our part and this has since been resolved and the activity sheet updated.


Rachel Denison

Rachel Denison GA Member

The activity sheet 1 now seems to link to a document about Infosys rather than the amazing fact sheet. Could you let me know where the updated activity sheet 1 is please.


Ros Hunter Smart Guest

Activity Sheet 1 - Incredible India facts (205k) This activity sheet appears to be unavailable - something completely different comes up - frustrating as the activity sheets sounds great.


kate Saunders Guest

I don't think the PDF under Activity Sheet one is the right one for this lesson. It does not seem to have lots of India Facts!

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