Mission:Explore make curious, creative and critical activities that help (young) people to explore, play and learn outdoors.

The website challenges students to tackle a variety of missions in a bid to gain points and badges while learning more about the world around them. The practical, open-ended tasks are wide-ranging, promote enquiry and reflection and are appropriate for all ages and abilities.

In 2012 Mission:Explore won a Silver GA Publishers' Award.

WorldWise Week

For the duration of this year's WorldWise Week Mission:Explore will be featuring a range of outdoor missions including some specifically related to WorldWise week set out by the WorldWise committee.

Introducing Wild Schools (29.05.14)

Mission:Explore have introduced new features to their website to allow schools to connect with the site, set missions for alternative homework and/or creative tasks and for schools across the country to compete against each other in a bid to complete the most challenges. The service is free of charge.


Mission:Explore Food

Mission:Explore Food is the latest in a series of award-winning books and websites by The Geography Collective that help people to explore and see the world in new ways.

The activity cookbook challenges children to go cannibal, cook in acid, make chocolate poos (including nuts and sweetcorn), ask the Queen for a swan and work out the best way to slaughter a lamb. Mission:Explore Food is a 'guerrilla geography' book that has been created to tantalise children's taste for adventure and tests their understanding not only of where their food is from, but also of where it goes once they've finished eating.

Children who complete missions from the book can visit the Mission:Explore website to be rewarded with points and badges for their efforts.

Where to get a copy

The full 272-page hardback edition of the book is available on Amazon.

Free digital editions are available on iBooks for your iPad or other Apple device, on Kindle or online at Graphicly.

Free samples

Free samples of the book are available for schools under a Creative Commons License.

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