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Blogging is an increasingly popular way of using the web to communicate your thoughts and ideas to other people. Many teachers are using blogs to talk to their students and other educators, and as ever, geographers are leading the way. Although Twitter is growing in popularity, a post is limited to 140 characters, whereas a blog allows for longer pieces of reflection and detail in the sharing of resources.

We've created an A-Z list of geography blogs which we hope will become the definitive directory - get in touch if you'd like to add or amend a listing.

Thanks to Pauline Wright and members of the SLN Forum for creating the original list.

Head over to Alan Parkinson's Living Geography Blog to find out more about using the 'social web' in the classroom.

Blogs A-Z

Description: This blog supports students at St Ivo studying for the Geography Advanced Extension Award (WJEC)
Creator: Rob Chambers
Last updated: 2008  

Ayrshire Geography
Description: Information for pupils studying geography in school ages 11 - 18 in Scotland. Geography 'in your face'. 
Creator: Val Adam

Collins Maps Blog
Description: Covering a range of topics such as global issues, conferences, maps in the news, exhibitions, historical maps, Map of the Month and publications.
Creator: David Mumford

Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images
Description: The aim of this blog is to encourage the exchange of ideas between remote sensing and GIS users, particularly those interested in image processing, image transforms, LiDAR data, hyperspectral imagery and interferometric DEM processing.
Creator: Paul Mather
Last updated: 2010

Cultural Geography
Description: Cultural geography and geography in the media. For students and teachers of geography.
Creator: Alan Parkinson

David Rogers
Description: David Rogers is a curriculum Leader for geography in Portsmouth. His blog is a collection of thoughts, ideas and Ofsted news.
Creator: David Rogers

Devon Geography 
Description: A range of ideas and reflections on classroom practice, including a monthly update feature.
Creator: Paul Berry 

Digital Geography
Description: Juicy Geography's web log
Creator: Noel Jenkins

Discover the World Schools (Living Planet) Blog
Description: Interesting stories and news about our planet's natural history from study trips organiser Discover the World.
Creator: Nikki Rickett and the DTW team

Dr Laurie's Geog Blog
Description: Posts on a wide range of geographical topics.
Creator: Ewan Laurie
Last updated: 2012

Environmental Geography
Description: This blog looks at different ways of studying hazards and disasters and includes material on monitoring the environment.
Creator: Rob Inkpen
Last updated: 2013 

Everyday Geographies
Description: Created to share good ideas about primary geography with teachers and other educational professionals.
Creator: Wendy North 
Last updated: 2013

For the Love of Geog 
Description: Created to encourage IB Geographers to read around the subject.
Creator: Jodie Chambers

Forwards not Backwards
Pseudo-structured reflections on the theory and practice of teaching.
Creator: Carl Philips

Funky Geography
Description: For young geographers at Seaford Head Community College and anyone else who is lost without Geography!
Creator: Liz Smith

Garry Simmons - Real People, Real Places, Real Geography
Description: The blog of Garry Simmons, Head of Geography and studying for an MA in Geographical Education at the University of London Institute of Education.
Creator: Garry Simmons

Description: The new blog of the GA's ICT Special Interest Group – app reviews and ICT ideas for the classroom and beyond.
Creator: Andy Knill 

GCSE Geography
Description: This blog has been created to assist Mr Beevers' pupils with their Edexcel GCSE Geography (shortcourse).
Creator: Mr Beevers

Description: This humanities blog has been created by Mr Drake to support learning in geography, history and RS/philosophy and ethics. He created Abbeyfield Humanities at his previous school.
Creator: Dave Drake

Description: The geography blog for Bushloe High School Leicestershire
Creator: Bushloe High School
Last updated: 2009

Description: The department blog for St Ivo School Geography Department.
Creator: Rob Chambers

Description: Stanford University Senior Lecturer Martin W. Lewis offers frequent map-illustrated analyses of current events and geographical issues from cartography to geopolitics, culture, language, and more.
Creator: Martin W Lewis

Geofactualidades - Geografias de cá e de lá
Description: A Portuguese blog which in English is called 'Geofacts - Geographies from here and from there'. Scroll down the page for a Google Translation gadget in the right hand column.
Creator: Pedro Damião

Geog blog
Description: Articles on a range of human and physical geography topics written by a university student.
Creator: Tabitha Roberts
Last updated: 2013

Description: This blog will inspire and support New Cairo British International School students studying geography.
Creator: Miss Mills

Geoggers Online
Description: 'Geoggers Online' is a spin off blog that has been created for all of the enthusiastic geographers at FitzWimarc School. Here you will find photos from our school trips as well as anything that is 'geography in the news'. Don't forget to check out the school website!
Creator: Briley Habib (managed by Julia Hammond)
Last updated: 2009

Geog on the Spot
Description: A site for Mr Cowan's GCSE geography students.
Creator: Mark Cowan
Last updated: 2008

Geogr@phy: A love supreme
Description: Designed to give A level students access to the main geographical events relevant to their syllabus, together with other cool stuff to encourage all students of geography to develop an interest in the brilliant subject!
Creator: Richard Churchill

Description: Geogarific is an A-level geography blog based on the AQA specification. It provides a place for students to publish their own work online and is regularly updated with case studies, relevant news stories and exemplar exam answers to help A-level geographers reach their potential!
Creator: Hafsa Bobat

Geographic Travels
Description: Geography blog focusing on all things geography: human, physical, technical, space, news, and geopolitics. Also known as Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze! Proudly served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Creator: Catholicgauze

Geography and all that Jazz
Description: Random musings from the GeographyPages bloke.
Creator: Alan Parkinson
Last updated: 2013

Geography at
Description: The geography section of the US-based information portal, curated by geographer Matt Rosenberg.
Creator: Matt Rosenberg

Geography at the Movies
Description: Short films for use in the classroom as starters or inspiration
Creator: Adam Lawson, but now managed by Mary Cooch

Geography at the University of Liverpool
Description: Latest news from geography staff, students and alumni at University of Liverpool
Creator: School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool

Geography Blog - Ge@graphy
Description: Short articles on geographical issues plus links to social media and other websites.
Creator: Richard Parish

Geography Education Scoopit
Description: Geography stories in the news
Creator: Seth Dixon 

Geography GCSE
Description: This is a blog to help the GCS year 11s with their revision.
Creator: Helen Nurton
Last updated: 2009 

Geography Heroes
Description: For all young geographers at Uckfield Community Technology College and everyone else who loves geography!
Creator: Adam Livings
Last updated: 2011 

Geography Matters
Description: A blog which seeks to inform, share, discuss, debate and post on topical geographical content.
Creator: James Bown

Geography: My Place and Yours
Description: "I would like this blog to be a place where I can help you understand the wonderful world of geography. Whenever I come across something which is relevant to the topics we are studying in school or to geography in general, I will post it here."
Creator: Val Vannet
Last updated: 2008 

Geography: You would be lost without it!
Description: "A blog for my new GCSE Geography students, taking GCSE AQA Geography in June 2008? (and occasionally Year 8 students taking WJEC Humantities GCSE in 2009)"
Creator: Sue Jackson
last updated: 2011 

Geography Teacher 2 Point 0
Description: Returning to the classroom after five years away. Lesson resources, ideas and student support from King’s Ely
Creator: Alan Parkinson

Description: Where would you be without geography?
Creator: Victoria Ellis
Last updated: 2013 

Geogteacher's Blog
Description: This blog is run primarily for the benefit of students at St. Edmunds Girls' School in Salisbury, but everyone is welcome to read and use the content.
Creator: Philip Anderson

Description: Resources, games, videos and weblinks.
Creator: Martyn Cooper
Last updated: 2013 

Geology for Global Development
Description: Articles exploring the application of the geosciences to international development.
Creator: Joel Gill (Director, Geology for Global Development)

Google Earth Blog
Description: The amazing things about Google Earth (not officially affiliated with Google).
Creator: Frank Taylor

Google Earth Users' Guide Project
Description: A project funded by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) with an Innovative Geography Teaching Grant to develop teaching ideas for using Google Earth in the geography classroom. Now expanded to include ideas for ArcGIS Online and Digimap for Schools and Colleges.
Creator: Alan Parkinson

Great Geography
Description: "For the great geographers at Okehampton College."
Creator: Miss Blackmore
Last updated: 2011

Guerrilla Geography
Description: "Independent geographers, to cause thought, connected thinking, and stimulate the public and to wear down public resistance to geography, usually carried on by a number of small groups behind public(s) lines, or in occupied spaces. Partisan Geography or Guerrilla Geography is irregular (direct action) educating."
Creator: Daniel Raven-Ellison
Last updated: 2010 

Hack the Curriculum 
Interested in teaching and learning principles and ideas of community involvement, sustainability, equity, technology and engagement. Looking at new ways to innovate and to hack the curriculum. All views my own.
Creator: Richard Donnelly 

Healing School Geography Department
Description: A blog for Healing School geography students, including homework sheets, PowerPoint presentations, photos and links.
Creator: Chris Still
Last updated: 2013 

HSD Iceland Fieldtrip
Description: A blog for students going on the High School of Dundee trip to Iceland.
Creator: Val Vannet
Last updated: 2009 

HUMS Learning Hub
Description: This hums blog has been created to support students who are studying history, geography and RE at Dixons City Academy.
Creator: Various
Last updated: 2012 

IB Geography
Description: This blog site is aimed at supporting students who are studying IB geography at St Andrew's College and forms a collection of articles and websites that can be used for extra reading and research for essay work, fieldwork and extended essays. While it is intended for the IB students, the site can be used by anyone studying geography.
Creator: Rob Micallef
Last updated: 2012 

ICT Across the Curriculum
Description: Using new technologies in the classroom
Creator: Rob Chambers

ICT in my Classroom
Description: Space for me to explore my ideas and experiences of ICT in my classroom. Now works for NoTosh in Australia – plenty of ideas on creativity and design thinking.
Creator: Tom Barrett

Description: The online musings of a geography teacher with an interest in the use of online technologies to enhance the teaching and learning of geography in schools.
Creator: Rob Chambers
Last updated: 2009

Impolite Geography
Description: Provocations on geography in education from David Lambert and John Morgan.
Creators: David Lambert and John Morgan

Issues in Geomorphology
Description: Regular posts exploring current research within the field of geomorphology. Particular interest is given to the effects of environmental change on the processes which shape and control our landscapes.
Creator: Craig Ward
Last updated: 2012 

James Baird's Blog
Description: Blog from a geography teacher in Luton.
Creator: James Baird
Last updated: 2012 

Jo Debens
Description: Ideas from the classroom by a Head of Geography. Reflections on learning. 
Creator: Jo Debens 

John Barlow
Description: Head of Geography, and Acting Head of Humanities, at Maghull High School, Liverpool. A collection of ideas and thoughts that relate to geography and education.
Creator: John Barlow
Last updated: 2010 

John Sayers Geography Blog
Description: A collection of geography resources, weblinks, iPhone apps, ideas and pictures. 
Creator: John Sayers

Katine: It starts with a village
Description: Latest news from our Ugandan development project.
Creator: The Guardian

KECHG Geography
Description: A blog by students at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls.
Creator: Chris Revitt
Last updated: 2012 

Kings Grove Geog Blog
Description: An online diary and resource centre for King's Grove Geographers.
Creator: Various
Last updated: 2009 

Living Geography
Description: Daily updates – now has over 5500 posts and over 1.3 million page views. If it’s geographical it’s here. 
Creator: Alan Parkinson

Look at it this way
Description: A blog to provide ideas on teaching LANDSCAPES (a companion blog to the KS3 Toolkit book of the same name)
Creator: Alan Parkinson
Description: Geographical thoughts and resources from a Head of Geography teaching in Dorset
Creator: Mike Tidd

My Wonderful World Blog
Description: This is the blog for the My Wonderful World Campaign, a National Geographic-led initiative to expand geographic learning in school, at home, and in communities.
Creator: National Geographic

New Edexcel Geography for 2008
Description: Preparations for the new Edexcel Geography specification for teaching from September 2008.
Creator: Alan Parkinson
Last updated: 2013 

NGfL Cymru Blog
Description: This blog aims to keep you up to date with current events and developments and allow you to easily share your views with NGfL Cymru.
Creator: NGfL Cymru

Noel Jenkins
Description: This is the website for Noel Jenkins’s students. It contains useful resources for students, ideas for homework and independent study and examples of student work.
Creator: Noel Jenkins

Description: A weblog designed to share geography resources with students and colleagues
Creator: Kenny O' Donnell
Description: Headteacher at Kingussie School, Scotland. Sharing thoughts on School Leadership, SQH, Outdoor Education and New Technologies for Teaching and Learning.
Creator: Ollie Bray

Our Active Planet
Description: We are a Year 4 class studying about our Active Planet Earth. We hope our blog provides some good ideas and help for other children and teachers. We also hope the blog provides some cross curricular links in order to show how much exciting work this wonderful topic can bring!
Creator: Fiona O'Leary
Last updated: 2012 

Description: Community geography, expressive life and learning in a digital, connected world. A view or two shared from a geographer, educator and consultant.
Creator: Angus Willson

Pembroke Geography Blog
Description: "Geography is EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE!"
Creator: Adam Lewis
Last updated: 2010 

Description: Geographical imaginations, urban landscapes, scales and re-scalings around the world.
Creator: Giuseppe Porcaro
Last updated: 2010 

Radical Geography
Description: "Radical geography will be my online deposit for my teaching resources."
Creator: Tony Cassidy
Description: For key stage 3 and beyond…
Creator: Tony Cassidy

SLC Geog Blog
Description: A blog for geography students at St Lawrence College in Athens.
Creator: Victoria Walters

Description: A repository of teaching resources, images, commentary and website links for those interested in spatial education and geography in schools.
Creator: Malcolm McInerney

Supporting Geography Teachers
Description: Ideas and resources to support geography teachers in updating their pedagogy and informing CPD choices
Creator: Alan Parkinson

Teacher LP
Description: Geography blog by Louise Pare, currently teaching KS3, IGCSE and IB geography in Sao Paulo.
Creator: Louise Pare

The Appleton Geography Blog
Description: This blog is designed to help Appleton School geography students through KS3 and GCSE, and also showcases the Connecting Classrooms trip to Ethiopia which forms part of the KS3 SOW.
Creator: Paul Hunt 
Last updated: 2013 

The Geography Department
Description: A blog for the students of Guildford County School
Creator: Helen Nurton
Last updated: 2009 

The Geography Room
Description: A blog for and by the A2 and AS geography students at Boston Spa School, Yorkshire. A2 -Edexcel B As -AQA
Creator: Sue Jackson
Last updated: 2009 

The GeoMessenger
Description: A blog to pool knowledge on, and interest in, our planet.
Creator: Morgan Plain

The Higher Geog Blog
Description: This blog is designed to support HSD pupils (and pupils everywhere) who are studying Higher Geography.
Creator: Val Vannet
Last updated: 2010 

The Kingdown Geography Blog (K.G.B.)
Description: This blog has been created, by Mr O'Callaghan to share Geography online resources and websites with the geography students of Kingdown Community School Warminster Wiltshire.
Creator: Mr O'Callaghan
Last updated: 2010 

The World According to the NQT Geography Teacher
Description: Tracking the joys/despairs/pressures/laughs of an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) who has quit his life working in the City and has become a geography teacher in a London secondary state school. Ed is no longer an NQT but still blogs.
Creator: Ed Fraser

Description: These pages have been created to support Year 7s at Bradley Stokes Community School
Creator: Tony Battista
Last updated: 2008 

Tudor Geog
Description: This was set up originally to help with revision for class of 2008 studying AQA syllabus B at Tudor Grange School.
Creator: Ruth Newlands
Last updated: 2009 

Tutor2U Geography 
Ideas for resources and apps in the Geography classroom, and news stories of interest.
Creator: The Tutor2U team 

Webber Geography
Description: This blog has been created by Mr Hutchinson to support geography students at the Webber Independent School, Milton Keynes. Amongst other things, the blog features useful resources for current topics, examples of students' work and fieldtrip photos.
Creator: Daniel Hutchinson

World Geography Blog
Description: On this blog, I'll run the gamut from Google Earth to maps, general geography and did you knows, how to's and new technology. I hope you enjoy it as much as I like experiencing it!
Creator: Ryan
Last updated: 2012 

Description: A blog to support GCSE geography students at Chesterton Community College, Cambridge
Creator: Katharine Hutchinson
Last updated: 2008 

Ysgol Rhyngrwyd IGCSE Geography
Description: This a geography wiki for IGCSE Geography students at InterHigh - Ysgol Rhyngrwyd is Welsh for Internet School
Creator: Lindy M

Ysgol Rhyngrwyd KS3 Geography
Description: This a geography wiki for Years 7, 8 an 9 at InterHigh - Ysgol Rhyngrwyd is Welsh for Internet School
Creator: Lindy M

List updated November 2014 by Alan Parkinson

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James Bown Guest

Dear GA,

I have been a geography eteacher for 6 years now and have jut set up my own blog - entitled Geographymatters-jsb. Have a look and please promote it on your site, if possible.

Many thanks,



Magnun Voges Guest

Hello, I am a geography teacher in Brazil. I wanted to publicize and socialize my site (blog) where there are several presentations diversars geographical themes.

Take a look. hug

GA Member


I set up my new blog in December, and am really enjoying sharing ideas and geography resources across the world. And of course tweeting. I am a Geography teacher in London.

My blog is called: "The world according to the NQT Geography Teacher"

Please follow my blog and twitter at:


Thank you.



Victoria Walters Guest

Blogging is a very effective way for teachers to keep our pupils thinking Geography after school hours! Thank you for this great list.
Please have a look at mine too.....

Happy reading!


Assignmentsweb Guest

This blog is really informative for students who learn online. Thanks for sharing information with us regarding Homework Assignment Help keep continue.


Fraser Shand Guest


I'm Communications Officer for the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. We've just established a news blog which will be updated with information about our collections, our education activity (which includes classwork, field studies, our education centre and CPD) and our talks programme.


ali Guest

Its first online “Geography Alumni Association” which connect the Geographer on a single platform. It’s a single state of the art website which provides the guide line for the graduates, as well as students of MSc, MPhil, PhD which are studying in Geography. Another state of art feature of website is to provide Guideline for students of Geography CSS & also solved MCQ’s are available there.


Tabitha Roberts Guest

This is great!

Please also check out my blog, I'm a budding Geographer studying geography at university!

Milan Recknagel

Milan Recknagel GA Staff

Hi Tabitha,

Thanks, I added your blog to the list!


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