Wallasea Island Case Study - Links


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Wallasea Project Background

Wallasea Island Wildcoast Project - RSPB site about the project
Wallasea Wetlands Creation Project - Good source of data, images and news items
Habitat Recreation at Wallasea Island - Defra pamphlet

Coastal and flood risk management

Essex coastal management strategy - Environment Agency site
Coastal futures - site dealing with the options for coastal management in detail
Sea Defence Options - general details of hard and soft engineering options.
Defra - flooding website
Managing flood risk - Environment Agency document with details of the south Essex Catchment Flood Management Plan.
I'm buying a home - how do I tell if it's at risk of flooding?

News items

Flood scheme recreates ancient Essex wetlands (July 2006)
Huge marine wetland starts life (July 2006)
Back to nature: £12m plan to let sea flood reclaimed land and recreate lost habitats (October 2007)
Essex farmland yields to major wetland (October 2007)
2007 Probably wettest UK Summer (August 2007)

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