Flooding case studies

What is flood risk management?

Flooding from rivers or the sea is a natural hazard that has a major impact on people and the environment. 4.6 million people in England and Wales are at risk from flooding from rivers or the sea. Building in floodplains means there are now over 2.3 million properties in areas that could flood.

We cannot prevent floods, but we can manage the risk of flooding. Flood risk is a combination of two components: the chance (or probability) of flooding and the impact (or consequences) of flooding.

The effects of climate change causing rising sea levels and wetter, stormier winters will increase the risk of flooding.


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Makhosazana petunia ncube Guest

How come the flood that occured in 1993 isnt appearing

GA Member

Hi there

Many thanks for your question. The Managing Flood Risk case studies on these pages were developed with specific sets of Environment Agency data and as such we were unable to develop resources for other flood events.

You might be interested in our Future Floods book for Key stage 3 geography which looks at flooding in York in some depth.

Best wishes,

GA Website Manager

GA Member

Would you like a mystery on flooding? Everyone can change it for their own use!

GA Member

Hi Susan

Many thanks for your kind offer. If you can email it to me at agreaves@geography.org.uk I'll take a look and get back to you asap!

Best wishes,



anonymous ninja Guest

Floods are so cool

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