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The links on this page were compiled following earthquakes in Samoa (2009), Sumatra (2009), Italy (2009), China (2008) and the UK (2008).


Pacific Ocean earthquakes and tsunami
29 September to 1 October 2009

On Tuesday 29 September, an earthquake of magnitude 8.3 occurred off the coast of Samoa, causing a subsequent tsunami that killed at least 100 people. On the following day, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sumatra, with another quake, magnitude 6.9, striking the very day afterwards. The death toll of these two quakes is, at the time of writing, still speculative, but it seems likely that at least 1000 people have been killed with many others injured.

Are the quakes related?

Although occuring on the Pacific Ocean's 'Ring of Fire', an area of particularly high seismic activity, the incidents are not thought to be directly related- see this article from The Times (accessed 01.10.09), in which scientists express the view that the close timing of the two was a "tragic coincidence". However, CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller is not so sure, in this article on CNN (accessed 01.10.09), he describes how the force and tension produced by the first quake may just have triggered the second.

The Guardian

'Second earthquake hits stricken Sumatra'
'Indonesia quake rescuers save woman from ruins of school'
'In Pictures: Sumatra hit by second earthquake'
'Video: Second Sumatra earthquake leaves hundreds dead' (contains graphic images)
'Samoa tsunami: at least 100 feared dead on Pacific islands'
'in Pictures: Tsunami devastates Samoa and Western Samoa'
'Video: Samoa tsunami survivors tell of indescribable waves'


'Indonesia quake deaths pass 1,000'
'Race to save Sumatra quake buried'
'In pictures: Indonesian quake'
'Eyewitness: Sumatra earthquake'
'Deadly tsunami strikes in Pacific'
'In pictures: Pacific tsunami'
'Video: Are Indonesia and Samoa quakes linked?

Other News Sources

'Voices under the rubble: schoolgirls found alive in Padang' - Times Online
'Photo Gallery: Indonesia Earthquake' - Times Online
'Fears for 16 Britons missing...' - Mail Online
'Earthquake and local wisdom' - The Jakarta Post (Indonesian newspaper)
'Trigger science links Samoa tsunami to Sumatra quake' - Herald Sun (Australian newspaper)
'Asian tsunami could have made earthquake risk in Indonesia worse' - The Telegraph (this article reports on a study which found that earthquakes have become more common since the 2004 Asian tsunami)

As always, there are also many videos on YouTube, though you may wish to check the content before students view them.


Italy earthquake, 6 April 2009

On 6 April 2009, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck central Italy, killing nearly 300 and leaving some 65,000 homeless.

Powerful Italian quake kills many’ - BBC
Pope urges quake area ‘rebirth’’ - BBC
Italian earthquake: Map - BBC (interactive map including maps and photos)
Italy earthquake kills more than 90 and leaves thousands homeless’ - The Guardian
Interactive map of earthquake - The Guardian
Dozens dead and thousands left homeless by Italy earthquake’ - Times Online
Italy earthquake:  L’Aquila one month on’ - The Telegraph


China earthquake, 12 May 2008

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Sichuan in China on Monday 12 May 2008 at approximately 14:28 local time.


'China feels the quake online' (how the quake was blogged as it happened)
'China quake 'worse than expected''
'Two disasters, contrasting reactions' (comparison of China earthquake and Burma cyclone)
'Thousands dead in Chinese Quake'
In Pictures - China earthquake

In Pictures - China rescue work

'Buried teenagers crying for help'
'Search for China quake survivors'
China quake in video

Other News Sources

'China earthquake kills thousands' - The Guardian
'At least 8,600 are killed in China earthquake' - Times Online
'Storms hamper China quake effort' - ITN
'Thousands trapped in China quake rubble' - Sky News


UK Earthquake , 27 February 2008

On Wednesday 27 February at 00:56, the British Geological Survey (BGS) recorded an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 (ML) on the Richter scale near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. This was the largest earthquake in the UK since the magnitude 5.4 ML Lleyn Peninsula quake in 1984, which was widely felt across England and Wales.

'Massive Earthquake Hits Rasen' - Market Rasen Mail
'Earthquake Felt Across Much Of UK' - BBC
'Quake Clean-Up 'Will Cost Millions'' - Sky News
'Insurers Count Cost Of Quake Damage' - Sky News
'Quake Set To Cost Millions' - ITN
'Earthquake Shakes Britain But Damages Little' - Telegraph


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