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This resource contains a variety of activities and information to help you explore geographical careers with students at Key Stages 3-4. This includes printable worksheets, adaptable lesson resources and suggestions for student enquiry. Most activities will take around an hour, while others may last several lessons, e.g. the Dearne Valley resources.

You can find out more about these materials, and the importance of embedding careers education in your geography curriculum, under About this Resource.



About this Resource

Geo Skills

Peak Practice

Park Warden

Dearne Valley

Smartphone Activity

Careers Cards



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yusuf Allahnanan Guest

As a geographer did i have a reasonable job opportunities because other like economics neglectlets geography.


khushi Guest

i want t be a dentist and if i take geography for GCSE is geography going to help me to became a dentist


Kiyena Guest

Im doing BSc geography and hydrology,so i would like to know the possible careers i could get after finishing my degree.

Thank you

Milan Recknagel

Milan Recknagel GA Staff

Hi Kiyena,

In response to your question, look through the comments on this page:


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