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Young children love Barnaby, and his appearance in unfamiliar places and environments helps children to relate to them. Seeing their own Barnaby in the classroom, and then seeing pictures of his adventures in faraway places helps children bridge the gap between the immediate, familiar environment and abstract, unfamiliar environments.

Barnaby also enables practical first-hand experience - the best way to cover the early years requirement to encourage exploration, observation, problem solving, prediction, thinking and discussion.


Barnaby Bear’s Local Area Album

This publication introduces the class to this popular character’s home area, looking at issues including housing, school, transport, shopping, leisure, religion and recycling. It comes with 14 downloadable templates for the pupils to use to create their own local area albums with supporting teachers’ notes and further activity ideas.


Barnaby Bear goes to Spain

Join Barnaby Bear and his family on their trip to Spain with this resource to help pupils learn about travel and Spanish culture.


Barnaby Bear investigates the UK

This new SuperScheme aims to help pupils learn and understand more about the United Kingdom, its location in the world, the UK’s countries and capital cities, seasons, weather and key human and physical features of urban, rural and coastal locations. This title gives provides the teacher with advice and guidance on how to approach the topic, an explanation of the geography behind the unit and background information to get you started. The whole suggested unit is laid out in the medium term plan, which is followed by detailed and resourced lesson plans for two lessons.

Barnaby Bear investigates the World

This unit aims to help pupils to widen their knowledge and understanding of the world and develop their geographical skills through the use of maps, atlases and globes. Pupils will learn about the continents and oceans, the hot and cold areas of the world and the differences between human and physical features, locate the poles and equator and begin to understand global connections.

Wall maps of the UK and the World

To develop pupils’ locational knowledge and geographical skills you can also purchase newly-designed Barnaby bear A1 size maps which are dry-wipeable.

Map of the UK

Map of the world


Glove puppet

There are also ‘Big Books’, eBooks and the glove puppet available to support learning through Barnaby Bear.


Barnaby Bear investigates a hedgerow

In this free PowerPoint Barnaby Bear investigates a hedgerow and identifies a number of common plants that can be found in most hedgerows during the spring and summer period. This PowerPoint will help you meet some of the National Curriculum KS1 requirements in both science and geography.

There are three PowerPoints and some teachers’ notes:

  1. Barnaby Bear Investigates: Hedgerows (teachers version) - for use by the teacher in the classroom.
  2. Barnaby Bear Investigates: Hedgerows (simplified version) - for use by children independently or with a little guidance, it is anticipated that this PowerPoint will be used after the initial class introduction to help consolidate the identification process.
  3. Barnaby Bear Investigates: My Plant Information - more detailed explanations of the four plants shown in the PowerPoint, for use by the teacher in the classroom.

Copyright and Licensing Information

Barnaby Bear® is a registered trademark of the Geographical Association. His name and character may not be used without the prior permission and approval of the Geographical Association. If you wish to use the name or character of Barnaby Bear, please contact Elaine Anderson at the Geographical Association giving full details of your proposed use.

The logostyle, typefont, characterisation and photographic representation to be used are shown in the Barnaby Bear style guide.

Official Barnaby Bear Website

The official Barnaby Bear website contains a variety of information, games and resources including a letters page, case studies demonstrating how several teachers have used Barnaby in their classrooms, three interactive games, a photo gallery of Barnaby on his travels and a look behind the scenes at a BBC film shoot.

Barnaby Bear Official Facebook Group

The official Barnaby Bear group on Facebook now has more than 900 members, all discussing classroom ideas, their travels with Barnaby and sharing photographs.

If you're a Facebook user, join the Barnaby Bear group today and keep in touch with other primary teachers and Barnaby fans.

BBC Barnaby Bear

The site complements the BBC Barnaby Bear television programmes and contains animated stories, interactive games, photos, links and information for teachers and parents.

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Angela Blanton - British Waterways Guest

British Waterways Wow Education team have a fantasic new resource 'Barnaby Bear goes to the Canal'. Aimed at KS1 it is a great resource for both families and schools, follow Barnaby as he visits the canal and learns all the fantastic things that can be done at the canal today. The resource can be downloaded here.


jaycie Guest

dear barnaby can you give me a viedo of you in kenya.


abbie bager class Guest

i love you barnby

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