A Different View: World Issues Survey

World Issues Survey

Conducted by Ipsos on behalf of the Geographical Association

February 2009

In February 2009 the Geographical Association commissioned Ipsos MORI to investigate which issues Key Stage 3 students think are important and whether they feel they are learning about them. The research explored:

  • The wider world issues that pupils think are important
  • Whether or not they have learnt about/discussed them at school
  • The lessons in which they have learnt about/discussed them
  • The importance they attach to learning about these issues

  • Key Findings

  • Young people see Crime and anti-social behaviour as the most important issue affecting either their local area or the world generally, followed by Economy and jobs. War and terrorism, Poverty and hunger, and Environment and climate change are also seen as more important issues globally.

  • Crime and the Environment are the subjects that young people are most likely to have learnt about/discussed at school.

  • Geography is the subject in which young people have most often learnt about/discussed these issues at school, and the one in which they most commonly expect to do so.

  • The great majority think it is important to learn about issues affecting different parts of the world, particularly how the world they live in may change.

  • Most young people think that not enough time is spent learning about the wider world in school.

  • A Different View was produced and funded by the Geographical Association. The GA maintains its independence through the support of its members, whose subscriptions provide the GA's core funding and who give the GA its authority to speak for geography and its role in schools. If you are not already a member of the GA, you can join online now.

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