A Different View: Promoting Geography

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A Different View Animoto Video

This Animoto video forms a lively introduction to A Different View and the themes within it. You can also view the video directly on the Animoto website or the longer version which features more detailed captions. Ideal to use at open evenings, with parents, governors, your leadership team or at options evenings. 

Other ideas for promoting geography

  • Start in the classroom - the best possible selling point for any geography department is a participatory, enquiring, 'living' geography curriculum, in classrooms which prominently display student work.

  • Recognise the value of fieldwork experiences - the power of local 'real-world' visits as well as the 'wow' factor of more exotic locations.

  • Seize the moment - options evenings, open days, even parents' evenings are all opportunities to communicate a clear message about the enduring value of geography.
  • A student perspective is essential - canvass opinion, and publicise the nice things that people say about you. Harness students' ICT skills to create engaging promotional materials.

  • Set up extra-curricular activities - organise clubs and trips; invite guest speakers into school; deliver geographical assemblies; invite back former pupils to promote geographical careers.

  • Work to your strengths - use the Quality Mark framework to organise a geographically-themed day and exploit promotional opportunities.

  • Seek support – the GA and RGS-IBG offer members advice and resources for promoting geography. A joint Early Career Teacher membership is also available.
  • Geography Promotional Video

    This excellent video was produced to promote geography at Barking Abbey School, a Specialist Sports and Humanities College in Greater London. It was produced by Stuart, their multimedia wizard, along with Pete Flaxman and other staff and students from the geography department. Thanks to Pete and the school for permission to share the video on this website. Please feel free to use it at your own open evenings, with parents, governors, your leadership team or at options evenings.

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  • Option time leaflets created by the GA
  • Have a look at these excellent promotional videos created by GA members:

    - Right Here, Right Now by Keith Phipps
    - Geography Matters by David Rayner
    - Geography is changing by Dan Raven-Ellison

  • Richard Allaway has produced these sets of posters with quotations
  • Visit the GEOcube website for an innovative introduction to geography covering 54 topics in a unique and visually appealing style

    A Different View was produced and funded by the Geographical Association. The GA maintains its independence through the support of its members, whose subscriptions provide the GA's core funding and who give the GA its authority to speak for geography and its role in schools. If you are not already a member of the GA, you can join online now.

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